YouTube Red – Would you Pay for Ad Free Viewing and Exclusive Content?

YouTube was a tough one. On one hand, the video sharing portal has brought an evolutionary jump into our lives by providing us with a means of sharing not just text and images, but videos as well. On the other, it came with the need for massive storage space and the costs to match it, and was a tough one to monetize. With the emergence of ad blocking technology monetizing YouTube has become even harder for Google, its owner. Perhaps this was the reason why the search and advertising giant has decided it was time for a change – it has rolled out YouTube Red, a subscription-based service that will rid users of ads forever, and offer way more than that.

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YouTube Red offers its subscribers more than just an ad-free experience for their money.

Of course, it’s nice to see all the videos on the portal without any annoying ads – but this can be achieved by using an ad blocker like AdBlock or uBlock. Saving videos for offline viewing is also nice – but this, too, is available using third party services. What makes the subscription special is its added value only money can buy – exclusive content and services. YouTube Music will be a part of the services subscribers will get with Red, allowing them to listen to their favorite tunes and discover new ones as they play along.

online casinoPerhaps the most attractive feature the new service will come with is its content. YouTube Red Original Series and Movies (or Red Originals for short) will provide Red subscribers with access to, well, original series and movies, created by some of their favorite YouTube stars, like PewDiePie, Toby Turner, or teams like CollegeHumor. There are some very exciting ones coming – read more about them here.

This will not only be a way to consume quality content without annoying ads, but also a way for viewers to directly support their favorite YouTube content creators in the long run.

If you take into consideration how much YouTube will give you for your $9.99 a month, it doesn’t sound like a bad deal at all. While ad-free viewing is not out of reach as it is, the prospect of quality – and exclusive – content makes it sound great. Besides, the added Google Music subscription, the YouTube Gaming, Kids and Music services make it even better. But the question still remains: would you pay for such a service, enjoying its loads of benefits, or do you prefer to stay with your old and faithful ad-supported YouTube?

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