Why the iWatch deserves to be ‘One More Thing’

iPhones, iPads and now the first momentous new product, the iWatch. This product by Apple is worthy of a bit and yes, the phrase is yet to be used slightly by the Company. The Apple’s Watch is a huge deal for Tim Cook and the Company itself. The overabundance of Smart watches that have come into sight in the past few months might not become world beaters and certainly, they are not likely to become typical objects. But they are clearly some kind of head turners in this giant tech world as everybody knows. It has sucked up the headlines and yet not they have explained why there is a great deal of user benefits.


For those users who have spent a lot of their time in talking about Steve Jobs’ reality distortion field, People now argue that an iWatch might well be the most correct and suitable Apple product till yet. You may get the diverse impression that Apple would probably be happier waiting a long while to unleash it’s next big wearable gadget that it would love to watch its rivals to dig a lone furrow before getting into the present Market with an offering so far advanced from the others’ that it instantly blows the market apart.


The main thing not to forget is that these Smart watches are partnered with phones; you wish to purchase a smart watch and then you are going to get an Android phone for that. This threatens the main business for Apple. So, the Cupertino ninja looks to have prepared the decision to get it indulged in wearable gadget sooner rather than later with this evening’s announcement about the launch is likely to be calculated to disrupt the Android wear market which is held tight for the upcoming Christmas. It is likely to give Apple’s customer a reason to stick to the Apple’s product.

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