Why It Makes Sense to Outsource Your Business IT – Even as a Software Company

As start up businesses go, software is a popular choice. Because mobile technology means there is now a huge market for app style software, and software as a service (SaaS) has also taken off in a big way for both enterprise and home software solutions, companies who can develop innovative software and apps and deliver them to consumers or business clients successfully can do very well in today’s IT industry.

Starting up in the software business can often require only a small amount of capital and a small team, so it is usually an option that is viable for people who have a good idea and the technical skills to turn that idea into a good product.

The Way Software Start Ups Grow

Of course, if you run a software or app development company, you may well have started out as a very small enterprise, taking on new people to work on design, development, testing, project management, sales and other areas of your business as and when they were required. This can mean you are the type of business that has gone from being a few people with an idea to a ‘proper company’ with policies and an infrastructure quite rapidly. This actually makes you the type of business that benefits the most from IT outsourcing, despite the fact your team is mostly comprised of experts in various fields of IT!

Filling a Business Need Without Hiring or ‘Wearing Too Many Hats’

You have a lot of IT infrastructure needs as a software house or app development company. You need things like development and test environments. You need version control and release management. You may need load testing servers. You may be working with sensitive data that needs extra security. All of your needs come with set up and maintenance requirements, and these in turn require specialist skills.

You may well have the skills in house among your team, but diversifying the work of someone who is supposed to be working on the technical architecture of your product to also have them looking at your sever virtualization security is not a good solution. You are adding to the requirements of a team member’s job and taking time away from their product centered work. When you are racing to meet delivery deadlines and fix bugs, you don’t really want your developers to be held up by needing to help your sales people with a technical issue.

Equally, hiring people to work specifically on these areas of your internal business IT means having staff on the payroll for what are not really full time jobs in themselves – and as you know, IT specialists of any sort are not cheap hires!

Outsourcing your business IT, including cloud hosting, security, support and monitoring, means you can be assured you have people on hand with the expertise you need, without having to hire or to expect your own people to diversify too much.

Finding a Company to Work With

Depending on your needs and the scale of the kind of IT you have internally, you can choose all kinds of different companies and packages. You have local, national and offshore options, and different levels of service you can select to meet your needs and budget. If you find that your IT needs are not currently being met, or you are planning to expand your internal infrastructure, now is the time to start comparing offerings and talking to providers.

When you begin the process of selecting a provider, you need to be very aware of what you need now, and of any upcoming things like internal software upgrades or new servers coming into your environment. You can then set about working out things like the support level you need. Do your team need 24/7 support for your internal systems and servers, or do they only work during business hours? How quickly would you need problems with your website resolved to avoid them having a negative impact on your business? The more you know about your current situation and the likely changes in the short term future, the easier it will be to hammer out a contract that gives you everything you need with a good supplier.

No matter how specialist you and your team are when it comes to IT, even a software house can get massive benefits from outsourcing. Review your needs, and start evaluating whether or not now is the time to begin partnering with an IT outsourcing specialist.

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