WhatsApp Fake App Reaches More Than One Million Times From The Google Play Store

The application called, “Update WhatsApp Messenger“, it seemed to have been created by the safe behind the actual program – WhatsApp Inc. According to Reddit handlers, yesterday spotted a tremendously ditto replica of the most well-known app called WhatsApp messenger on Google Play. The WhatsApp fake app has downloaded by more than 1 million handlers, who as an alternate of a messaging device wound up with a load of ads.

WhatsApp Fake

One of the security hounds arguing the case on Reddit noted out that this was not an isolated event, even for WhatsApp. A search for “WhatsApp” on Google Play presently displays no less than seven spoof apps using small differences on the creator name “WhatsApp Inc.”, plus these versions with additional symbols, commas, or spaces. Everyone has given 4-star rated as average.

WhatsApp Fake

This is the new in an extended string of events in which Google has exposed little importance in make an effort to protect Google Play users. In previous incidents, security specialists or luckless users have encountered malware in negotiated WhatsApp messaging apps, in a line of common youngsters’ games, and even in duplicate versions of Pokemon Go game. In this case, unfortunately, Google does not ban WhatsApp fake app. WhatsApp is owned by Google’s main competitor for online promotion revenue, Facebook. After the appeal to annoying consideration, the scoundrel creator look wise changed the infringing name on its own.

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