What You Could Buy Instead of the Apple Watch

Apple-Watch-logo-main1As most people are aware we are very close to the release of the brand new Apple Watch. But with the price ranging from £299 to a whopping £13,500 it has got a lot of people asking what else could they buy for that amount of money? So we thought we’d have a look at what can buy for around £13,500 that may last a little longer.
Here are the top 5 items you can buy for around £13,500.

1 A Boat

Yes that’s right you can buy your very own boat. Second hand boats start from around £7000 upwards, so that means that you would even have some change to make some changes and improve the look of your boat. So I you fancy being the captain of your own ship why not get a boat instead of an Apple Watch.

2 Round The World Trip Plus Spending Money

If you’re interested in travel then why not choose a round the world trip and stop off at all your favourite places. It would even leave with enough money to pay for your accommodation and all your spending money. Now that’s just crazy.

3 A Classic Vintage Car

So dependent on what type of classic car you are looking for depends on the price. We found a wide range of classic cars that you would be able to buy for the Apple Watch and once again be able to have some money left over to make some improvements. You could choose from a 1960 Berkley T60, 1946 Ford Prefect or a 1999 Lotus Elise the choice is yours!

4 A Rolex

If you are really interested in getting a watch then why not look into getting a Rolex? This means that something to hand down to your children and then their children that will last forever. Although the Apple Watch looks amazing the technology will run out and will need to be updated at least with a Rolex time will always happen.

5 Buy Your Own Private Island

Ok so you might need to save up a bit more to get it running, but one of the cheapest islands we found was £25,000. That would last a lot longer than an Apple Watch.

If you’re still set on getting an Apple Watch then fair enough, or if you’re looking for some Apple products at a bargain price then head over to Student Computers they have a wide range of Apple products at bargain prices as everyone loves a good offer!

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