Ways to Prevent Your Laptop from Overheating

Overheating is the common problem in all the laptop which might be because of the ageing of the laptop. This is the serious problem that not only reduces the performances and the lifespan of your laptop and also it could also cause personal injury as well such as male infertility and skin discoloration. There are some ways to make sure that your laptop runs cool and quietly.

laptop desk

Ensure Adequate Ventilation

It is important to make sure that any air vents are kept clear and there vents are in position to allow the cool air to be drawn into the laptop by expelling hot air. The main reason for the overheating issue in this sense is using your laptop on a furnished surface such as be or sofa and pillows that will press hard up against your air vents and prevent air form moving properly and it may lead to formation of dust particles over the air vents. The solution in this case is to use your laptop at your desk or table so that vents remain clear. So use your laptop by placing it in laptop desk.


Check your Power Setting

Most of the laptops have the ability to turn down your processor speeds when the laptop is not working that hard. If you are using the laptop for your office work then there is no reason to have the processor running at full power, and turning it down will reduce the amount of heat generated. So always turn down the processor’s power when it is not used that much to work on. When you use less power means, the heating is also gets reduced and this will also improve the battery life and it will win.

Check your Power Setting

Using a laptop cooler will avoids the laptop from overheating. When the number of process running increases means the system temperature will also get increased. It is highly recommended to use external laptop cooler.

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