Using Humans to Transcribe Video for SEO

Video-SEOIf you utilize videos in your business materials you might not realize that you could be using those videos to add more SEO content to your blog or web page. In fact you can actually use humans to transcribe those videos for SEO content and you will find that you get the most accurate results. In the past people have tried utilizing computer programs but this might not be the best way because these programs are known for making mistakes and for using the wrong context of words.

If that is not enough information to convince you then you need to read the following to better understand how having your videos transcribed can be beneficial to you.

Understanding SEO

With SEO being such a popular method of gaining business it is surprising that so many people still have no idea how to utilize it. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It basically means that search engines like Google can find your business through a series of identified keywords. When you use these keywords in your business’ web pages then search engines are able to find you easier when people are searching for those keywords.

Transcription or Descriptions – Which Really Works Best

Many people believe that utilizing keywords in a description of a video is enough for you to be able to be found by search engines. With descriptions you are only able to include so many characters and so many words. Obviously adding a keyword too many times is going to sound unnatural and can actually make search engines struggle with finding your product or services. This is simply not a good practice to rely on using descriptions for your overall SEO content as there is not enough information. The thing is that with transcriptions you can be rescued and your business can more easily be found by search engines as long as you are using the right keywords in your videos.

Thankfully speechpad can help. Many famous companies like SEO Moz, whom utilizes transcription to make the most of their famous White Board Fridays, have found that using this type of service is going to help them gain the most from their business. The way that this works is that people sit down and watch your videos and transcribe them. That’s right, actual human beings are going to be transcribing your company’s videos so that you get accurate results and the right tense on words.

Finding Success Online

Many people do not realize how important it is to have an online presence these days. While this might not have been that important before, it has become significantly more important all of the time. Today you can almost guarantee that your business is not going to make it if you are not online to some capacity. Even if you just use social media to post about events, sales, and offer coupons being online is necessary for success.

Do not fret though. There are many things that you can do to improve your chances of success online. One of these is that you can utilize your SEO content. Making sure to have all videos transcribed is one great way to make sure that you have more SEO keywords for search engines to find. In addition you will find that there are a number of additional benefits to this. You can increase your hits, views, and clicks with ease. Thankfully the keywords are going to direct things back to you and you are going to be able to increase your business from this. Reading about how you can get the most from your business online.

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