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Are you looking for the new revolution of games for the PC? If you are wish is so you must read the following content to know about the upcoming PC games.

Risen 3: Titan Lords:

The Risen 3: Titan Lords is the best upcoming game developed by the piranha Bytes developer, which is the world comprised by the full of magic and each decision will change the story of the game and also change your fate too. You can enjoy this game from the August 2014.

Ultra street Fighters IV:

In Ultra Street fighters IV you can find five new characters and six new stages added to increase the aroma of the fighting tournament. This awesome fighting mode Ultra Street Fighters IV developed by the capcom developers and ready to hit the market from August 2014.

Dead Rising 3:

The Dead Rising 3 is developed by the Capcom Game Studio Vancouver developer. In Dead rising 3 you can find the new ultimate level of weapons with the customization of characters, which is the horror game, allows you to survive the world of many undead. You can enjoy the maximum level of the excellent visuals, wide screen and more characters. You can experience this game from the September 5 2014.

FIFA 15:

FIFA 15 allows you to experience the wonderful football game; each player can interact with the emotional intelligence and you can experience the real football match on your PC from September 23 2014 and this is developed by the EA Canada.

Saints Row IV:

The Saints Row IV is the excellent action game allow you to experience the variety of weapons such as the a light machine gun, an auto shotgun, a minigun, a rocket launcher, a flamethrower and a huge combat knife, heavy pistol and a sub machine gun and more. The great Saints Row IV developed by the Volition developer and available from the July 2014.

These are the best upcoming Pc games will surely change your world with fun.

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