Top Reasons Black Hat SEO is Failing Fast


The internet has long been likened to the American Wild West, harking back to the heyday of the Gold Rush. It is easy to see why these comparisons have been made. Rules and laws put into place to govern the West were modeled loosely after those used in the already established areas of the country. The rules and laws concerning the internet were loosely modeled after those which governed more traditional forms of business and publishing. It was not long before less than scrupulous individuals and bandits learned they could take advantage of this situation for their own gain.

So too, today’s internet has experienced the same growing pains and infiltration of dark activity by many individuals and companies. One of these practices is known as Black Hat SEO. As the internet slowly becomes more governed and tamed, this practice has begun to die out. Here are some reasons Black Hat SEO is a losing strategy.

Changing of the Guard

When you see respected business publications cover the stepping down of a business professional due to changes in the business world, you need to take notice. Forbes Magazine published an article which cited the stepping down of Jill Whalen. She was a long time successful SEM. She stated the reason why she stepping away from her SEO career was because, “Google now works.” She was making reference to the fact that for a long time it was easy to fool Google through SEO tricks and techniques. These often included Black Hat SEO practices. As time passed Google has worked diligently to retool their algorithms to make such practices obsolete. According to Whalen, Google has finally developed to the point of effectively stop the manipulation of search engines.  This means that a local dentist in places like Aurora, CO will have to go about getting ranked online the old fashioned way.

Ending the Misuse of Followed Links

For a long time, many people who engaged in Black Hat SEO practices would buy and misuse DoFollow links to increase their search engine ranking. One of the ways this was done was by taking advantage of businesses, like SummerBrook Dental Group, who were not savvy when it came to the technicalities of building links to their sites. They would seek out paid links on sites that never used the “rel=no follow” tag suggested by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Severe crackdowns by Google now make this formerly common practice almost impossible to execute.

With all of the evidence of Black Hat SEO dying; it’s time to develop new and more effective ways of getting the presence a business wants on the internet. Now is the time to learn SEO the right way and invest in other resources for White Hat SEO. Failure to do so could be devastating to a business and their growth prospects, online.

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