Top 10 French SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization is the procedure of enhancing the visibility of a website on organic search engine result pages – SERPs. It tends to affect the online perceptibility of a web page in the search engine’s unpaid consequences.SEO as an internet marketing policy is said to reflect how the search engine functions. The CPU programs algorithms and dictates search engine behaviour, what users tends to search for, the keywords typed in search engines and which search engines are favoured by directed viewers.SEO includes the technical as well as the creative aspects essential for enhancing the drive traffic, rankings and develop audience awareness in search engines. To assist clients a SEO expert needs to be equipped with the skill to cater to their needs in assisting them with search engines with their focus on conversion rates and customer engagement. The following experts tend to have various backgrounds together with skill sets.

1. Sylvain Richard (Axe Net)

After a period of 15 years in marketing/sales in US multinational company, Sylvain Richard became the blogger and founding director of Axe Net web agency in 1998, with passionate visibility on search engines. Created in 2001, from a team of independent intelligent lot AxeNet sprung up in 2004 from a business guiding clients as part of their web existence.

2. Olivier Andrieu (Abondance)

Olivieran independent SEO consultant in Internet and creator of Abondance is a Supelec engineer, specialized in Telematics as well as Information System. From telematics manager of Credit Agricole Guadeloupe, then Customer Manager at supplier of videotex and audiotex solutions located in south of France, he became project manager Internet, responsible for technology watch in the field of communications in Agency for the Dissemination of Technological Information in Strasbourg on April 1, 1966, and now an independent consultant in SEO

3. Walid Gabteni (Light on SEO)

Has ten years’ experience in SEO. His SEO and consulting services comprises of SEO audit together with support in content formation and net linking policy.

4. Frederic Jutant (Splendia – Voyage Prive)

Worked for 3 years in Web Agency as Project Manager web-marketing & SEO and within a span of one year in became SEO Manager at Splendia in Barcelona. With experience of 6 years in SEO, have skills in web strategy, digital communication together with marketing. You may contact the SEO specialist Frederic Jutant

5. Laurent Bourelly

Laurent Bourelly a SEO as well as SEA consultant since 2004, provides the best SEO strategies assisting clients in implementing the same,

6. Nicolas Robineau(Studioclick)

Nicolas Robineau is the manager of Studio click business which had been established in 2015. He is also a lecturer at CELSA-Paris Sorbonne for web visibility module as part of the Master MISC.

7. Zineb Ait Bahajji (ex-Google)

Z. A. Bahajji ex-Google Webmaster Trends Analysts had left Google in March to join conversational search team which centres on Google Now on Tap and also the Google assistant technology.

8. Sylvain Peyronnet (IX-labs)

Sylvain is a researcher in computer science with interest in machine Learning, data Science web developments, approximate certification, probabilistic algorithms numerical stuff, robust and fault-tolerant computing.

9. Kevin Richard (SEObserver)

Kevin Richard is the founder of SEObserver tool and repentant Black Hat SEO and after the launch of SEObserver, the tool is said to specialise in analysis of competition.

10. Samuel Hounkpe (Weboref)

Samuel Hounkpe is a freelance SEO consultant and assists business interested in optimizing their visibility on web, particularly on search engines. His action plan comprises of SEO audit, log analysis, skills transfer and much more.

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