Top 10 Best Music Player Apps For Android

When we talk about smartphones, the first choice that heads to our mind is having an Android phone. Android is popular for its flexibility and for supporting a wide range of apps. Each category contains a varied selection of apps whether be it social networking, video player or music player. For music lovers, the apps comprise of several features to give you an enhancing audio experience. Whether you love country music or folk songs or Bollywood numbers, these apps will enhance all genres and support all audio formats. Here, I am going to list down the 10 best music player apps for Android devices.

  1. Poweramp


Poweramp music player comes in a trial version of 15 days and can be upgraded after that. This is a full featured app that supports all audio formats and comes with 10 band optimized graphic equalizer. Poweramp has a separate bass and treble adjustment option, stereo expansion, mono mixing, crossfade, gapless and a dynamic queue. It also supports theme sharing, entering giveaways and automatic resume with headsets.

  1. n7player


N7player includes an advanced equalizer and supports change in multiple sound parameters. It contains 10 band equalizer, 3d sound effects, sleep timer, separate bass and treble, album art downloader and manager and much more. It has a number of controls and customization options that improves the sound quality. You can control music from your phones notification panel without opening the app.

  1. Shuttle Music Player


Shuttle is a lightweight music player that includes band equalizer with bass boost. The app has an intuitive user interface with a number of theme options and includes sleep timer. It also features automatic artwork downloading, gapless playback, customizable widgets and scrobbling. Shuttle comes in both free and a paid version for Rs. 105.

  1. Google Play Music                    

google play music

Google Play Music is the official music app by Google Inc. With Google Play Music it’s easier to browse and discover songs, listen to the radio and create custom radio with any song/artist/album. Its All Access and Standard features allow you to add upto 20,000 songs from your personal music collection and experience them without any ads. You can share the songs on Google+ and buy new music on Google Play.

  1. JetAudio Plus


JetAudio Music Player Plus includes a 10/20 bands graphic equalizer and also sound effect plugins like AM3D audio enhancer and Bongiovi DPS. JetAudio is popular for its performance in Windows OS and it’s the most downloaded music player on Its more features include 2 lock screens, pitch shifter, playback speed control, MIDI playback, find on YouTube, sleep timer and more.

  1. Equalizer + mp3 player volume


Equalizer + includes both a music player and equalizer that allow you to set the music frequencies on your own. It consists of 5 bands equalizer, unlimited access to your native music library, background play, 10 equalizer presets based on the music genres, vintage and refined design to enhance your listening experience.

  1. PlayerPro


PlayerPro is another good music app for Android that can play any genre plus includes a video browser and player. You can change the user interface by installing the available skins and customize the layout. It also allows you view the music lyrics embedded in the ID3 tags and mixable audio effects with 5 band equalizers.

  1. Rocket Player

rocket player

Yet another app that includes 5 band equalizer and 30 different skins to customize the app. Rocket Player lets you select multiple songs to add to a playlist and create dynamic ‘live list’ playlists. Its equalizer presets include bass booster, acoustic, etc. and you can also stream music to your Chromecast to listen them on television. Rocket player also consist of a video player and browser and support for scrobbling apps like ScrobbleDroid and

  1. Neutron


Neutron is a fully professional player with a high quality 32/64-bit audio rendering engine and OS independent decoding and audio processing. It supports all audio formats and allows you to use FTP server as music source. More features include SPEEX voice audio format support, CUE sheet, streaming audio, use network device, output audio to UPnP/DLNA compatible devices, 4 bands parametric equalizer DSP, surround sound DSP and lots more.

  1. double Twist Music Player

double twist

Double twist is an all-in-one music app where you can listen to radio, podcast and sync app. Its key features include syncing music from iTunes playlist to your phone, Smart Playlists for easy access to your top rated music, podcasts subscription, photos, videos and music streaming to the Xbox, PS3 and Sonos.

Author Bio: Devinder is the chief editor and co-founder of and has a keen interest in music therefore he recently wrote a post titled what song is this, which helps you find out exact song with the help of just lyrics or melody.

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