The Top Jigsaw Apps for iPhone Users

Jigsaw puzzle games are one of those enduring examples of a game designed well that has stood the test of time. Whether playing with flimsy cardboard puzzle pieces, quality hardwood puzzle pieces, or the digital app equivalent on an iPhone, you can have hours and perhaps even days of fun figuring out how the jigsaw puzzle fits together.

Ravensburger Puzzle

Ravensburger Puzzle from Ravensburger in Germany, is a game for both the iPhone and iPad brings the pleasure of solving puzzles to the iPhone screen while being affordable at only $2.99.The company behind this app has some history with both board games and puzzle games because they’ve been designing and producing them for over a century.

With their iPhone app you first choose how many pieces you want (20 is a good number for beginners, but “experts” can go crazy with 500 pieces if they like). Then the app will slice up the puzzle and make the pieces available on the digital table.

Pieces can be organized into piles during gameplay. It is also possible to cheat a little by having the pieces that will go along the edge of the puzzle positioned for you. There is even a physics engine to lend the game a more life-like feel.

Puzzles & Jigsaws

Puzzles and Jigsaws from FerranTebe has a strong focus on beautiful visuals coupled with attractive app design. The app itself will run both on the iPhone or iPad which is bound to please puzzle gamers who own both types of Apple mobile devices.

Many jigsaw background images come pre-installed. Images include attractive scenes from Paris, Rome and a number of other countries.There are a number of in-app purchase options with this game including the ability to simply remove the ads, buy the full version for $2.99, or add new jigsaw puzzles.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles from XIMAD combines cute puzzles and a musical background tunes to keep gamers interested. The app runs on both the iPhone and iPad.The game has an evolving picture gallery which regularly changes. A new puzzle is added daily. Five levels of difficulty (with a maximum of 550 pieces for a single jigsaw) helps to improve the player’s skill level.

Pieces can be moved singularly or you can select several and move them as a group. Work through several puzzles at the same time. Play with friends or someone in the Magic Jigsaw Puzzle community. There are also many in-app purchase options to add different themed puzzles to the game.

Want To Feel The Jigsaw Pieces In Your Hand?

An old school alternative to iPhone jigsaw gaming apps is a jigsaw puzzle that can be opened up and played alone or with friends helping you along. Stave Jigsaw Puzzles handcraft excellent wooden jigsaw puzzles that challenge the puzzle gamer on many levels. They’ve been making jigsaw puzzles since 1974 so you can bet they have a few tricks up their sleeve.

Keeping your mind active and interested is important in life. Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to ensure the mind stays busy while having a whole lot of fun at the same time. Whether going digital or enjoying the feel of the pieces in between your fingers, solving a puzzle is always a stimulating experience.

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