The Science of Marketing with UGC


Digital Marketing experts would definitely vouch for user generated content and they love to use them for marketing. It definitely helps to get more customers and improves the brand image considerably. That’s the marketing aspect of UGC. But did you know that there’s a science behind using User Generated Content for marketing? It is a proven fact which has been tried successfully by many big brands available in the market. Coke, Lays, and Lenovo are just 3 of the brands to name who were successful with their user generated content marketing. What they did was to arouse consumer’s curiosity over their new products and launched special incentive campaigns for the best reviews or posts. With the help of social media networks they were able to achieve phenomenal success with these campaigns which sky-rocketed their web traffic and popularity among a certain section of the society. It went viral within a short span and they were able to use them further for their other campaigns too. But how come it works?

There’s simple psychology that works behind people considering online opinions and reviews. Here we are considering only the customer reviews that are available online. People generally take an opinion, online or offline, when they are not very sure about the product or a brand. It is quite natural to enquire about something offered to you and you have no idea about it. That quest gets the people to read online reviews, quite a lot of them, to decide on whether or not to buy it. The more positive reviews they get, they either feel more confident on buying it or get suspicious on the authenticity of the reviews. That’s why negative reviews also are important. A few negative reviews and the responses make the customers feel more authentic about the reviews and clear their doubts too. We do this offline too. We ask our friends’ or family’s opinion on various matters, here the opinions are available before us even without asking. The fact is proven that around 60% of the online purchases are influenced by customer reviews. It is like the customers are advocating for your brand. Instead of you telling you are the best, your customer is telling that you are the best. Many companies now reap the benefits of user generated content by using them for marketing and social media campaigns. You can also engage with your customers regularly offline too at the stores.

How to urge your customers to generate content for you?

We had these user generated feedback since a very long time when some companies used to ask their customers write captions for their upcoming products. This used to be offline and the brands used the information thus collected, to engage with them further or to know what customers are looking for. You can engage professional review sites that can get quality and volume of reviews you need. Social media campaigns and incentive schemes also help you get good customer reviews. Quick and objective response to your reviews also helps you gain more reviews. Marketing campaigns and engaging reward schemes also encourage more customers to come up with their feedback or experiences. All these are user generated content that does marketing for your brand.

So where’s the science? The science is the psychology of customers when they see the positive reviews which build a confidence in them and urges them to try the brand or a product. It is proven earlier by many big brands and is being considerably used to build up brand image. User generated marketing is trending among the digital marketers and social media campaigns. If used creatively and smartly, your users will give you ideas to make your product better and even suggest new product lines to consider.

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