The Most Expensive Smart Watches Available Today

The news Apple broke a time ago about the pricing of its most expensive gadget ever – the $10,000 Apple Watch Edition – might have come as a shock to many out there. But don’t think Apple’s luxury, gold smart watch is the most expensive one on the market – actually, there are many that have a much bigger price tag attached to them, but they don’t get the same media coverage as the Cupertino based giant. Here is a selection of smart watches much more expensive than Apple’s shocking Watch Edition.

Hoptroff No. 8 Diary Watch

The No. 8 Diary Watch built by the London-based watchmaker Hoptroff is advertised as the wearer’s only Personal Assistant, “all knowing but respectfully succinct, she doesn’t overload with unnecessary detail, but gently pats you on the shoulder to remind you of your coming appointment”. The watch currently requires an iPhone to work, with Android support coming this year. The price tag is shocking: the cheapest model costs 1,000 UK pounds (almost $1,500 at today’s exchange rate), while the No. 8 950 Platinum edition has a price tag of 22,500 UK pounds (over $33,000).

The Tag Heuer smart watch


One of the most famous Swiss watch makers, Tag Heuer, has announced that it will partner with Intel and Google to build its first smart watch. Together, these companies will create a product that is both luxurious, and seamlessly connected to its wearer’s daily life—a culmination of innovation, creativity and design from Silicon Valley in California and the Watch Valley in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Considering the price tags on some of Tag Heuer’s products – the Carrera, for example (which is far from being as smart as the Apple Watch) has prices ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 – there will surely be a huge price tag attached to the future result of the above mentioned collaboration.

Olio Model One


San Francisco-based startup Olio plans to pitch its own smart watch against its better known competitors. The Olio Model One, similar to the Pebble smart watch, will be compatible with both iPhone OS and Android, but it will run its own proprietary software. Its innovative edge will come from its innovative way of organizing your data. The Olio Model One will come with a streamlined and elegant stainless steel body, a 1.3″ IPS display with a 216 PPI pixel density, it will charge wirelessly and will have a battery life of “multiple days”, according to the company’s estimates. There is no word about its luxury models, but Olio has already hinted that the timepiece will cost more than an Apple Watch (not the Edition at this time, but who knows).

Considering the high price tags on these products, buying a smart watch does not seem such a good idea at this time, does it? Why don’t you click to visit  instead at this time, and worry about your wrist digital assistant later?

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