The History of Single Board Computers

These types of computers are computers that have been created using only one circuit board. Single board computers are enhanced with the normal requirements of regular computers, memory, microprocessors and output/input. These computers were built to be used for demonstration or systems development, through the educational types of systems, or through the use of computer controllers that have been embedded. The many different types of portable or regular computers have all of their different functions or actions, integrated onto a single circuit that has been printed.single_board_computer

More to know

Single board computers, unlike the personal desktop computers that are out there, are often found to not rely on the expansion slots that are needed most of the time for peripheral functions or the expansion portion. Some of the different types of single board computers have it built in to be able to plug in through the backplane for some different types of system expansion. Built through the use of a wide variety of different microprocessors, they are made with simple designs, the types that are built by people with computer hobbies, and are known to use static RAM and some different types of low-cost 8 or 16-bit processors. Different types, like the blade servers, may include things such as all of the memory and performance of the processor of a type of service computer through the use of a compact low-space format. Making these computers really effective and easier to use for most people.

The history behind single-board computers

The history behind the single board computer is very interesting, some of the facts you should know concerning these computers are:

• In the month of May, in 1976, the first known single board computer was built

• That computer was named Dyna-micro

• The Dyna-micro was based on the Intel C8080A

• It used EPROM, the C1702A version

• In 1976, E&L Instruments of Derby rebranded it CT

• It was then known as the MMD-1

• It became famous all around as the leading example of microcomputers

• Some were shipped without any type of closure, such as the KIM-1

• Some made the owners add the enclosure

• When PCs started to come around, the SBC started to get less popular

• Now PCs have taken over and the single-board computers are something that people do not think of enough

Now, there are several different types of companies who are specially making low-cost and yet very usable types of these computers. So that people can use them in amateur computing and electronics related projects. These types of computers can also be used to teach students, on their own, programming concerned with computers, or for something bigger, like a type of robot or and art display that is interactive. This makes everyone happy because almost everyone wants their children to grow up to do well in the world, and using these types of computers to do these things will help a lot of kids to learn more of the information that they will be needing and wanting in this computer-age world. Meaning that all of the schools who offer these types of computers will probably have higher scores on tests and other great things going on with their schools for everyone.

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