Steps to Open RAR File in MAC

Most of the Mac users know about the fact that many formats are not supported in Mac. RAR file is one among them. RAR files are widely used to reduce the size of the files when you are sending it over the internet and also to bundle associated files together when passing them to others. There are certain guidelines that will allow you to open RAR files in Mac. Follow this guide to enable your Mac to open any RAR file.

Open RAR File in MAC

Download an achieve program that you need to download so that you can extract the files from the .rar files. You can find the archive programs through the App store. There are also some other open source programs such as UnRarX, iArchiver, RAR Expander, StuffIt Expander. If you downloaded the app through the App Store, then click the install button that appears after finishing the downloading and enter your Apple ID. If you downloaded the app from a website, drag the downloaded program file into your Applications folder to install it.

Find the .rar file on your computer to open with the program that you installed. Now that the file has been associated with the archived program, you can double-click on it to open. Some .rar files are password protected and ask for the password before they get extracted, in such situation, enter the password if necessary. Most of the programs allow you to set where you want to extract the files to go. Select your preferred destination and click the Extract button.

rar file on mac os

These are the things that you must understand and must be aware about it if you do not want anything bad to happen to your operating system. Just be careful and always keep these things in mind. Good luck!

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