SteamVR Games and Apps Available in Windows Mixed Reality headphones on November 15th

Latest innovative experiences will come to Windows Mixed Reality adopters coming on November 15. When a SteamVR has comes with the Microsoft powered headphones. It’s gonna be a treat for Virtual Reality lovers.

Windows Mixed Reality headphones have launched with the update of Windows 10 Creators. The SteamVR helps for Mixed Reality will link the headphones via games from the Steam store. And open up Microsoft’s Virtual Reality headphones to a lot more names.

Now, Windows Mixed Reality headphones holders can use only sixty application and games from the Windows Store. Many of the top Virtual Reality games are available through SteamVR.

Most of them are games but SteamVR holds some exciting non-gaming software known as Google’s superb Tilt Brush.  Microsoft has not exposed correctly when this SteamVR support will exist as a non-beta version. But the Microsoft Company is opening up the showing to discover and fix bugs before it’s rolled out widely.

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