Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (part I):

The latest Sony Xperia Z3 is out and it is one of the Sony’s speedy expanding series of Sony Xperia Handsets. Since the original Xperia Z was launched in 2013, there have been manufactured three models of the Sony Xperia Flagship line, the Xperia Z1, the Xperia Z2 and now the Xperia Z3 Compact along with the tablet and the compact variant. It is the smaller version of the Sony’s Xperia Smartphone series. The all new Sony Xperia Z3 shares a few things with its rest companions. As compared with the Xperia Z3 with 5.2 inches, the new Xperia Z3 Compact comes with a 4.6 inch screen with a price of US$ 703. It is one of the most expensive mini variants of the Xperia Flagship. The price puts it in line with other big Smartphone. There is definitely no doubt that Sony is taking a big risk as it has pared down all the other mini variants. However, a lot of compromises have been made but Sony has thankfully managed to compromise a little.


Design: A bit of its design ideas have been taken from the bigger Xperia Z3 along with other Xperia Z devices that ever came before it, namely in the Omni Balance Design. The main desire behind opting for the Omni Balance design is that the Xperia Z3 should be comfortable to hold for whatever reason it is being used. Also, the phone must look classy and amazing from every angle you frame to. It mainly should focus on the comfort aspect of the Omni Balance design of the handset. With a bit of stark look, the rounded corners of the device are designed in such a way to make it feel great to hold and touch. This is covered by the dimensions of the Xperia Z3 Compact. However, nothing much is particular compact about its 4.6 inch display. The thin bezels cover up the screen and make the body look good and keep the dimensions total to 127*64.9*8.6mm. The Compact have an advantage over its bigger counterpart and that is the smaller size of the screen and the body of the model. And it also depends on the user’s preferences for the size of their desired Smartphone. Where 5 inch or even more than that Smartphone are certainly growing vast in popularity and the market where Apple is being praised a lot with the reception of its 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus has ever received. There is no doubt that not just one person will ever use the Xperia Z3’s 5.2- inch screen and 146 * 72 * 7.3mm dimensions.

This phone can certainly find the type of audience that would love to work with a phablet indeed. So, phablet lovers are expected to increase the sales of this very product. There will never be any major problem in reaching out every corner of the screen with the thumb, and of course yes, it is faster to use. It weighs just 129g and comes with a thickness of 8.6mm.

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