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What if one touch transforms your smart phone in to mirror? It sounds good right? What if you want to check your look or to put your eye lens and you don’t have a mirror to do so? Simple Mirror is a convenient app to transform your smart phone into a mirror. Mirror is a very useful free Android app that can turn your Smartphone into a usable mirror.  It will reduce the trouble of carrying a mirror all along wherever you go. The stunning feature of this app is as it offers with zoom and exposure controls, a single tab to freeze your image and an awesome image visibility. The quality ultimately depends on that of the smart phone that rarely stretch beyond 2 Mp, and also you are allowed to alter the resolution of the image within the app.

The difference between using the front camera and the mirror app is that this app shows much better brighter image than an image showed in mobile using front camera and also this app has onscreen zoom and exposure controls and you can freeze your image, instead of making a photo and opening the gallery.

There are the best applications that will make your phone into an exciting mirror such as Your Mirror HD, Mirror Application By mmapps mobile, Mirror by SA Studio, Mirror (Night Light Mode), Mirror- Zoom and Exposure.

Smartphone into Mirror1

How to use

Simply make a click to the app icon and start the smart phone in-camera function, you will automatically showed on the screen like a mirror and the important feature is light can be applied very easily even in the dark room. Always keep in mind that phone without front camera cannot run on this app and the OS version must be Android 2.3 or above.

It is interesting right! What are you waiting for? Download it and Try it out!

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