Sitting at Your Computer Too Much, Get a Dog

Getting exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body however, if you work on a computer chances are that you are not very active. Getting up for a snack, coffee, or soda is not being active. You need to get outside into the fresh air more and go for a walk. Today’s workforce are so involved in work that there never is any time left for exercise once you take into account family obligations. Have you thought about getting a dog? According to an article from The New York Times, studies have shown that dogs are great at motivating you to move. Dogs have to go out anyways for their walks and bathroom breaks so getting a dog forces you to have to change your routine and go outside with your dog. If you have tried gyms and exercise programs before and failed to keep a schedule than getting a dog might be what you need to move away from your computer once in a while. In another article, research has found that dogs are sort of like having your very own personal trainer. Dogs are hardworking, loyal, filled with enthusiasm, energetic and won’t take no as an answer. Perhaps if you are around a active dog, you will want to be active too.

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