Simple Ways to Boost Windows 7 Performance

Windows 7 is a great new operating system from Microsoft and is being considered as a great addition in sense of its features over Vista, but once the features are added to your Personal computer, then they will definitely consume some resources too. The Microsoft Windows 7 operating system has been designed for delivering better speeds than its predecessors. As time goes on, your system will tend to slow down in its performance as it is the common problem faced by many of the operating systems. Need to improve and speed up Windows 7 performance? Well, here are some simple ways to boost your window 7 performance by customizing and tuning some of its features.

Windows 7

Disable Search Indexing

When it comes to increasing the speed of the process, there are many factors. One of the important ways to speed up the performance of Window 7 is to disable the search index. Search index service scans through the entire files and folders on the windows system and it records all the information about them in a search index file. This will consume some resources from the system which might decrease the performance. So, it would be better for you to keep the Search Index. Once you have disable the services, then you can see the changes in the speed of your windows 7 PC.

Remove Unwanted Startup Programs

When you login to the system, the startup programs run simultaneously. Better, always have a look at the programs that you have allowed to run on start up, as you might find many of those in the list which is no longer need or you do not need them to n on the system while starting up. If the number of programs in the operating system is high, then the performance of the windows 7 operating system will also become very slow. So remove all the unnecessary Startup Items in your Windows 7 Personal Computer.

Remove Unwanted Startup Programs

Disable Aero

Usually Aero feature offers a great look and feel to your Windows 7 Operating System. But, at the same time if you are running a slow computer with hungry application, it is better for you to keep this Aero feature disabled.

Remove Viruses and Spyware from the System

Viruses in the system would definitely reduce the performance of your Personal Computer. So don’t forget to install the anti malware program in your windows 7 personal computer and this will help you in reducing the number of malware that is found on your system. It is highly recommended to install Microsoft Security Essential in your Windows 7 personal computers since it is very powerful when compared to the other antivirus software that is available is the market.

you have been hacked

Turn Off System Sounds and Remove Unwanted Fonts

Disable the system sound for your better utilization of the system resources, if you don’t really need that time. And it is also recommended to remove the unwanted fonts from Windows 7 as it will decrease the performance.

Optimize Application Launching Time

You can optimize the application launching time by setting the values of Enable Prefetcher and Enable Superfetch parameters in order to set the value of these parameters, open the registry and perform necessary steps to optimize application launching time. This would enable you to perform with possible speed in the Window 7 Computers.

Have a look Power Settings

Power Settings plays a vital role in the performance of the personal computer. System with less power supply might consume lot of problems and it will reduce the speed. So, it is better to choose the power supply option in high performance in the computer. Enable the power option by pressing the control panel, there you can find the power options and then you can choose your plan setting for better performance.

Have a look Power Settings

Follow these steps and speed up the performance of Windows 7 Operating system. Try it out!

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