Sensabubble – Bubbles That Release Scents When Popped

The University of Bristol’s a new project is promising to take bubble technology to the next level. SensaBubble is designed by the researchers from Bristol University to provide chrono scenery mid air display system. As the name implies, it is the bubble that serves as an information carrier as it allows users to receive unique kind of alerts and feedback from their connected devices in the form of images, text, and smell. Each bubble that is delivered at specified sizes and speeds produced by SensaBubble are filled with opaque fog containing a scent relevant to each of the specific notification.

Sensabubble – Bubbles That Release Scents When Popped1


The user can look at it, and he can also grab it and bring it to burst. Here, you can have the fun part in sense as the fog in the bubbles is scented optionally and when they are burst, the particular smell relevant to the notification will get released, slowly dispersing a longer-lasting perceptible trace. It has got, time-dependent as well as sensory, with so many types of information that can be contained on just a simple bubble.


There are many areas in which bubble based technology like SensaBubble could be applied such as SensaBubble clock which releases the total number of scented bubbles in accordance to the hours, and the SensaBubble Math, an education game for the children that incorporate the smell as a feedback. The front openings of SensaBubble are pulled through a basin with soapy water, from which the steam filled bubbles get generated which will be in various sizes according to their need. These bubbles are hovering in space that passes in front of the projector and they are utilized as a projection screen and then it is set to glow with different colors and icons.

Sensabubble – Bubbles That Release Scents When Popped

SensaBubble can be adapted for use in a wide range of application contexts and are also being useful in advertising or educational museum exhibits. The smelling sense of a human is very powerful, but there are few research systems that explore and examine ways to use it. They have taken the initial step to explore how smell can be used to enhance and last longer in a visual object. It is very interesting technology that gives rise to how TV shows like master chief and passing on recipes interact with everyone in the living room; a food needs not merely be explained but smelled.

SensaBubble is set to be an unveiled in Toronto at the ACM Conference on CHI (Human Factors in Computing Systems) of 2014, which is an annual convention of scientists developing innovative and fantastic breathtaking interfaces between both the computers and humans.

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