Project Ara of Google Reveals Video about Spiral 1 and Spiral 2

Advanced Technology and Projects group, an only section of Motorola, which Google had not sell to Lenovo, is ultimately prepared to show off a latest, fully working model of the modular Smartphone of Project Ara.

Information about Project Ara

Project Ara is actually the codename for a scheme by Google that intends to grow a free open hardware platform for manufacturing extremely modular Smartphone. This platform will comprise a structural frame, which supports Smartphone modules, for example a display screen, keyboard or any extra battery.


A video revealing some facts about Project Ara

The Project Ara group released a video revealing one of its first working models, the Spiral 1. Although clunky, a better version named as the Spiral 2 will be revealed after few months. The former model, known as Spiral 1, is the most useful Ara prototype till now. In this video, the Android handset is powered up and an app launched. It is only a 15 seconds demo of the device.

In the video recording, Ara Knaian, the tech leader after whom the project is named, elucidates that the Spiral 1 does not leave a great space for manufacturers, who will finally be able to create a variety of modules that fix to the mobile’s frame. However, with the approaching Spiral 2 most of the area will be obtainable for the developers’ function.

The early model, that is, Spiral 1, is of creamy white in color. It seems to be more securing than the model displayed at Google I/O some months before, loading the Android OS. The Spiral 2 will make use of extraordinary Toshiba chips, which will open up a large amount of the mobile’s modular space in favor of developer functions.

The intention of the developer conference of Project Ara is mainly to help the developers consider about the novel modules for the forthcoming modular phone.

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