Polaroid’s Instant Camera for the Instagram Generation

Polaroid has released its Socialmatic camera that is the Polaroid’s instant camera for the Instagram generation. Polaroid Socialmatic camera is the clever product that definitely hits the market especially to the iPhonegrapers. It offers the ability to the photographers to share the photos instantly to the social network.


Features of the Polaroid’s Socialmatic camera

Polaroid’s instant camera is featured with the square shaped 4.5 inch touch screen LCD display camera that boasts 14 megapixel front lens, a 2 megapixel rear camera and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for easily sharing snaps to the social network of the user’s choosing. An inkless printing system enables users to print stickers of their images and customize them using 4.5 inch touch screen. The Polaroid’s instant camera is featured with the 4 GB of internal storage and Micro SD slot that offers plenty of space for all the photos for every sort of photographers.


The most impressive part of the Camera is the Zero Ink (ZINK) printer that produces 2×3-inch full-color sticker photos in a flash. As the Zero Ink (ZINK) printer feature in this camera won’t make you to dry your photo to get a clear image as the photo copy will come out dry and fully developed. The camera is also featured with the peel apart and have an adhesive backing and allows you to post anywhere in the physical world. The photos come with the clarity and you can also sticker it to decorate the wall in your house.

The price of the Polaroid’s instant camera is not yet announced and it is expected to arrive at really for a decent price by this year. These are the current information about the Polaroid’s Socialmatic camera, have a look and get references about the camera and decide it by yourself. Stay tuned for the further update. Good Luck!

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