Panaramic Camera Ball – A New Innovation

A Ball can only be used to play games, NO..!!

There are few best new products introduced that most of the people don’t know about it.

One day I was just going through the internet and looking for images that best suit my Smart phone suddenly I found an Image which was like a ball with few holes on it. It doesn’t look like the one we play but something different .Actually it looked too good to see and I was eager to know what it was.

Then I went on searching for it finally I found that its name is “Panoramic Camera Ball”. As the name mentions that it’s a camera it captures more than just a picture and discovers a world new experience. It is same as the Virtual tour Images but these are little more different which captures moments in their entirety and those can be easily be viewed and shared.

A Panoramic Camera Ball captures a High definition images which was invented by Jonas Pfeil.

It is funny when you just threw a ball and it captures us from far and gives us a wonderful image.

Panaramic Camera Ball1

Product features:

When you just threw it measures the acceleration of the launch and at a certain point all the 36 cameras inside it are triggered and the moments are captured. It is same as 360 degree camera but this Panoramic Camera Ball is playful and fun and very easy to use.

Usually when we go out as a team at least one from the team has to go take the snaps and mostly we miss them in group images. But when we use a Panoramic Camera Ball there are no chances of missing anyone in the group snaps we take. Now everyone can be in the picture and have a lot of fun time taking and sharing it with our friends.

Product specification:

The Diameter of the Camera is 4.33 inches(11 cm) , It Weights up to 0.66 pounds(300 grams), it has a camera body of tough clear plastic with 36 cameras inbuilt and the total resolution is 108 megapixels it supports Mobiles App for iOS6+ and Android4+.

Why everyone needs a Panoramic Camera Ball?

  • For a new photo experience
  • Innovation to be fun and exploitable
  • Capture moments – utterly

It made us think more clearly and strategically about the importance of innovation as a daily process.

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