How Organizations Use Monitoring Tools to Keep Tabs on Your Activities

A lot of people boast about privacy, but let’s not kid ourselves. Let’s just admit that privacy does not exist anymore. In your personal life, you can still boast about some of your privacy rights, but in the workplace, all of your activity can be monitored by your employer and there is not a darn thing you can do about it. Most of the times, you won’t even know that you are being watched, and even if you knew, there is nothing you could possibly do. To say something against the organization, you will need proof and that is not an easy thing to come by. People that keep tabs are expert at their job and use following methods to stealthily keep an eye on you.

Workplace Computers

You go into a workplace and you start using your designated computer laptop. Now from the looks of it, it doesn’t look any different, but on the inside, there is a monitoring solution like that is capable of recording and transmitting every piece of information about your digital activities to your superiors. Whatever you type into your computer is reported to them, plus they get to see what sites you visit on daily basis. Furthermore, your communication is monitored as well. All of these things are happening in the background while you live in the illusion that you still have your privacy. If by some chance, you realize that your activities are being watched, there is nothing you can do about it. Computers belong to the company and they are within their right to download anything they want on it including monitoring tools. Of course, privacy and employment laws require companies to disclose the presence of monitoring software on company computers, but many employers choose to turn a blind eye to this prerequisite.

Company Cell Phones

If you are handed your very own smartphone by your company, you’d of course feel ecstatic, so much that you’ll completely miss the fact that this device is being used to keep tabs on you. Once again, a monitoring app could be installed on it, and they would be able to see each and everything you do on it. They can see who you are calling, who you are texting, what instant messaging apps you are using, what sites you are visiting, and much more. Therefore, by giving you a brand-new smartphone, they are not trying to show you how much they value you, they are just making sure they remain updated on your digital activities and even movements during work hours. This raises another question, why are companies going out of their way to keep tabs on their employees?

Why Organizations are Turning to Employee Monitoring?

Companies are created with one goal in mind, profit, and employees are vessels that help them get that goal. However, after getting hired, a lot employee slack off, make mistakes, or don’t turn in their work on time. This, of course, hurts the organization and employers just can’t settle for that. This is where they seek help from monitoring tools. With the help of these solutions, they are able to keep tabs on everyone and see what they are doing in the workplace at all times. If any employee is wasting time or isn’t getting anything done, then he or she can be singled out and penalized one way or another. Similarly, if any employee is working hard and completing their tasks on time, then they are rewarded for their efforts, thus raising their morale and motivating others to follow suite .

The above discussion was to point out that there is no such thing as privacy these days, not even in the workplace. If you think that anything you do at work will remain hidden, then you are wrong. All of your digital activities are being monitored. Employers just can’t afford to be complacent in such a competitive market, which is why they’ve deployed monitoring solutions in the workplaces. This helps them keep employees in line, reduce time wasting, raise productivity levels, and of course, achieve their primary goal, i.e. profit maximization.

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