Movavi Screen Capture Review

If you’re thinking about trying to record your screen and want to find a screen recorder for the job you’ll find that there are several options out there. However as you’ll soon discover not all screen recorders are equal, both in terms of features and how easy they are to use.

When it comes to screen recorders, there are some that stand out – and Movavi Screen Capture is one such. On the surface it may appear to be a simple and no-frills screen recorder, but it is actually far more than that.

Intuitive Design and Controls

Part of the reason why Movavi Screen Capture stands out and has become so popular is its intuitive design and controls. With a modern-looking and clean user interface and simple controls, it is easy to learn how to record your screen with it – even if it is your first attempt.

Much of what Movavi Screen Capture does is subtle, but has a lasting impact and makes using it feel natural. A good example is how it will let you define the capture area by just clicking and dragging the mouse cursor to draw a frame over the region that you want to record. Similarly you could opt to record a specific window on your screen by just clicking on it to select it.

In addition to these subtle features, Movavi Screen Capture has a few others that will help simplify things as well. With its scheduler you can set up the recording to start and stop at a specific time, or set the timer to automatically stop it after a certain duration. Additionally when you are ready to save your video you can use the built-in presets to automatically optimize the video format and settings for a particular device or platform.

Set Up the Recording to Any Parameters

While it simplifies certain aspects of recording your screen, Movavi Screen Capture still will let you set up the recording to meet any parameters that you require. In particular you will be able to define the capture area as noted above, but can also choose the audio source, adjust the input volume levels, set the frame rate, and so on.

In fact Movavi Screen Capture even has features that will let you capture keyboard and mouse actions. It accomplishes this by displaying keystrokes on-screen so they can be recorded, and will let you highlight the mouse cursor and set a more audible custom ‘click’ sound.

Considering all of that it should be easy to see why Movavi Screen Capture is an excellent choice of a program to record screen. It will make it easy for you to set up and start recording any video that you require from your screen, and you should certainly give it a try and experience how intuitive it is firsthand.

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