Most Charitable Nations On Earth

article-2637878-1E27B05D00000578-191_634x420Which is the most charitable nation on earth? This can be a tough question to answer, as there are a lot of factors that could be considered. Is it the country that provides the most financial aid? How about the country that has the most volunteers? Or what if it is simply the country that has the most people willing to help out a stranger? There are a lot things that could be considered when trying to decide on which nation is the most charitable. Instead of simply picking one nation, we are going to present you with a few.

The first study we looked at was from the World Giving Index. This study is published each year, and takes several different factors into account when trying to determine which country is the most charitable. This year, it was a tie between Myanmar and the United States. This is a change, as just a few years ago the title was held by Australia and New Zealand. This study found that wealth did not necessarily equate to charity, which is somewhat surprising. In fact, out of the top 20 most charitable countries, only 5 of them are in the G20 (The world’s biggest economies). This means that charity is more than just giving away aid, but is also about helping out strangers and volunteering your time.

Another study we found says the UAE leads the world in charity. This was primarily due to the Syrian refugee crisis, in which the UAE donated a lot of time and money to assist with. The UAE may be rather small, but that hasn’t stopped it from contributing to charitable organizations. It has become one of the leading donors in all of the world. According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the total amount given last year was well over Dh506.2 million. In terms of the percentage of gross national income, the UAE was the largest foreign aid donor in the world last year. Millions of Syrians needed assistance last year during the turbulent times, and the United Arab Emirates answered the call.

Regardless of which study we looked at, we saw the same countries popping up repeatedly. The United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK were all usually some of the most charitable nations. This is not surprising, as these are all well developed nations who have the means to help out others. It is great to see that even though our world may be occasionally torn apart, there are still many among us who are willing to lend out a helping hand.

Does it matter which country is the most charitable? Probably not. It is a nice title to have, one that countries will no doubt like to flaunt. But in the end it is just important that we are being charitable. Everyday we see people on the news who are less fortunate, and who are facing unimaginably hard times. That makes it the duty of those who are well off to assist as much as they can. Places like Myanmar, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates all feel the same way. Hopefully the attitudes of these countries will spread, and more of the world will be able to compete for the title of Most Charitable Nation. Until then, we can just be glad that we have these few nations who are willing to answer the call when those less fortunate need it.

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