4 Huge Developments In Mobile Gaming

Mobile GamingMobile gaming and the video game industry as a whole, moves so quickly that you can miss significant developments in the blink of an eye. There are always new devices, new developers, and new games that are pushing the limits in all kinds of different ways. As consumers we notice what’s new, but it can be hard to stop and put a finger on bigger developments that are changing the nature of gaming, or at least altering what we have access to.

Every now and then it’s nice to actually take a moment and consider what’s been going on in the industry to lead us where we are today. So here’s a look at four massive developments we’ve recently seen in mobile gaming.

Augmented Reality Has Emerged

You know what we’re talking about here. Niantic’s Pokémon GO experiment turned into one of the most popular gaming phenomenons of the past decade. And it was all thanks to the clever idea of using mobile cameras to facilitate augmented reality by putting Pokémon into the world. It was perhaps the first genuine breakthrough since smartphone gaming became popular in the first place, and as one article noted, game makers everywhere were immediately salivating over the possibilities that Pokémon GO seemed to open up. We haven’t really seen the imitators yet, but you can bet that we will soon.

And So Have Mobile Casinos

Casino gaming has been a packed genre in app stores for a long time, so this has been a more subtle shift. We’ve recently begun to see a higher caliber of casino gaming emerging on mobile platforms in certain territories. Instead of original mobile games, we’re starting to see versions of online casinos optimized for smart devices to allow for more gaming on the go. This is in part thanks to HTML5 technology, and it’s bringing professional casino gaming content to mobile gamers all over the world.

Phones Are The Busiest Platform For VR

This is something very few people would have predicted, given the constant headlines about the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but phones are used to VR more than the headsets themselves. With some of the simpler VR devices being designed specifically to work with smartphones, we’ve seen mobile gaming and VR become irreversibly linked. Of the best-selling VR devices of 2016, two of the top-three were the Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream.

Licensed Content Is Through The Roof

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that we’re starting to see licensed content based on movies and gaming franchises exploding in app stores. The presence of these types of games is nothing new, but it’s as if major studios and entertainment companies have finally begun to realize the potential of marketing their characters and stories through mobile gaming. From ensemble games packed with DC and Marvel heroes, to mobile versions of LEGO action games, there’s more licensed content than ever before and this is a trend that won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

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