Management of Projects is Easy with Wrike’s Business Project Management Software

Management of Projects is Easy with Wrike’s Business Project Management SoftwareProject Management is perhaps one of the most complex jobs in any company. And the individual who manages the project plays the most vital role in leading the team to success. He is in charge of assigning the tasks, making calls, delivering emails and messages to attending every type of meetings. Online management of projects has also played a crucial role in making the project manager successful. The internet is accessible in almost all locations making it the most suitable medium to access projects, virtually. Virtual work management is achievable through the application of a project management software like Wrike.

It is one of the top tools for managing projects and is designed for both Android and iOS mobile users. Users can create folders, assign tasks, attach documents, and comment on the tasks directly in the app. Users can also view project timelines and change project plans easily through the Gantt Chart.

The app also includes push notifications which notifies the team when any changes or updates are made to the project. Users are also able to attach documents from their mobile devices, Google Drive, or upload images directly into the task.

Provide instant updates

Streaming action feeds are also available to users – similar to the news feeds of Facebook. The activity feed streams any activity associated with that particular task. It also allows the users to filter out feeds that aren’t relevant to them.

Visualize programs with interactive Gantt Charts

Gantt Charts allow users to see projects and diagrams on an interactive timeline. You can also create dependencies on this feature and move tasks around without altering any milestones or hard deadlines. Users will automatically be notified when any tasks are moved around or changed.

Sharing files with coworkers

Wrike’s project management software allows users to upload folders into the cloud; eliminating the need to rummage through email attachments to find documents. Users can edit files directly without having to download them first. Users also have the option to upload the latest version of a file already attached in Wrike. This way, the latest version of a document will be available to everyone involved.

View the workload of the team

With the workload feature, users can manage the bandwidth of their team and have a clear understanding of where their resources are allocated. They can also adjust the programs or task distribution when needed.

Wrike’s project management tools can help drive effective working teams within any organization.

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