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Nowadays most of the mobile users always try to make some frequent change in their contact info. You may have more than hundreds of personal contacts in the phonebook of your iPhone or Android and average 30 percent of them may change their individual info in a year. If you are not able to maintain those new details manually, you will remain uninformed about the latest information of your contacts. And if you area business man, this problem will pose a great inconvenience to you. However this updating is really frustrating. So, in order to help you, a new Perpetuall app has been introduced and it is even totally free of cost. This app is intended to update the personal info of the contacts in the phonebook. It is applicable to download for Android Smartphone and also for iOS.

Details of the app


Such an innovative app is created by Perpetuall Software SL. The user interface of the app is very clear and thus quite easy to use. The important point that has to be remembered is that it is not a phonebook app, which can replace your present phonebook. This is, in fact, an app to maintain the contact details whenever there is any alteration done by one of your stored contacts. This app will perform all of its tasks in the background of the phone.

When your friends adjust their particulars regarding contact, they become invalid in your contact records, if you do not update your own phonebook. So, Perpetuall will obviously assist you to avoid this contact list turning useless by making it up-to date at every time. Your Phonebook would never be out-of-date any more. However, here in this app you do not need to give instruction manually after you download for iOS or even for Android.

Security taken from the app centre

The app is tested thoroughly and is thus completely safe to the user. At the time of signing up, the app confirms the user’s mobile number as well as email data in order that it can make sure your contact details fully. All of the records that are moved are encrypted so that no one can hack your information. Moreover, the data saved in the servers is quite secure. Although, this Perpetuall app contact update is extremely protected but do not install any other contacts app that do not provide same amount of security. Otherwise you may face trouble.

Moreover the backup technology of this app is useful when there is no synchronization between the phonebook and the online email service.

Other notable characteristics

change pic

It will display you the notifications on the mobile’s home screen at any time, when any of your friend changed or edited his contact details. You may send any invitation to your contacts from that so they can even make their Phonebook updated for all time.

This app is quite small in size and therefore it will not give an effect on your smart handset’s activities, making your life quite easier.

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