How to Make Your Business Stand Out – 3 Tried and Proven Tips

BusinessLooking for a bump in sales? Or more clients through your doors? If your business is new to the scene, you may feel behind the competition in terms of how to position yourself in an effective way. Or what you can do that is different and eye-catching that has not all been done before.

Here’s how to find and add flair to your business that will make it stand out and bring more clients through your doors.

1. Play to what appeals to your audience.

Does your product or service appeal to eco-conscious consumers? And are they your main customers? Or, are you offering a high-end luxury product? If so, then the touches that appeal to that type of person should be tailored accordingly. For example, using custom branding irons from this Atlanta service to create your logo will provide that one-of-a-kind traditional feel. Play to your audience. Both in the design of your site, and in the ad copy that is on your site or the product packaging itself.

Of course, finding out what appeals to your audience is no easy feat. You will need sleuthing skills and determination. Start off by researching other bestselling services and products within the industry. Carefully consider why that product was a success and how they positioned that product to gain attention.

2. Find opportunity where consumers are being ignored.

Whole campaigns have been constructed around targeting certain niches. And highlighting how a product or service will be the answer to their problems. But instead of marketing to an over-saturated audience, opportunity lies where people are being ignored. If you know your product will be appreciated by a certain sector that others are overlooking, pay attention. Use that to your advantage.

Becoming the one business that can provide a certain service to a niche could spell long-lasting success for your business.

Look for ways your business or product can be helpful to people who you might have overlooked initially. But who might have more need of your services because they have been overlooked by others. The Harvard Business Review relates the success story of the takeout app Eat24. The secret? The business targeted people who were difficult to reach and tailored their approach to these individuals.

3. Tell a true story.

How is your product different from similar products? The difference might lie in the method of creation, or in your source materials… But the only way for customers to find this out is through your product description. In other words, the story you tell.

Did you know that stories can affect brain chemistry? And increase feelings of trust? It’s true. Therefore, the story you create about your service or product could be what your business is missing. By hitting on the right wording and igniting your customers’ imagination, you can convince them to buy from you over your competition.

But what kind of story should you tell? You don’t have to be a bestselling author to tell a compelling story. Consider telling the story of how you helped solve a customer’s problem and the step by step process of how you did so. Or the personal story of how you got into creating your product. Aim to include the reason behind why you created your product. Other ways to build a story into your marketing copy include discussing the history of the service or product you are offering. Or providing a window into the world of creation that goes into creating your products. Be detailed. Stories that have relevant details can pull us in. They provide your text with color and flair. Whereas stories without details provide little that we can connect with.

Yes, your business might be the newest kid on the block. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a unique edge that people are ready for and will pay attention to. Start with these 3 tips to improve your noticeability.

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