Izitru – An Image Hosting Website lets you Check Whether Photos are Real or Fake, for Free

In the modern world, Photoshop has created an impact in creating high realistic fake images. But now it’s time to stop all those forbidding activities as we have got Izitru website which offers a new service to detect fake photos. Izitru is completely automatic which is comprised of six tests to help out in verifying the uploaded images. Izitru is a forensic tool which is introduced by Dartmouth professor Hany Farid.

How Izitru does help us?

Izitru is an image hosting website which offers an easy way to detect the faked images. It will allow the user to upload their photo in JPEG image format. The uploaded images will undergo the automated tests in order to authenticate them whether it is taken straight from camera or it has been modified. Once all the tests are done with, each and every image is hosted in Izitru site with a prominent trust rating. After the rating, it is posted form High Trust all the way down to No Trust. It’s nevertheless a mere instrument that should be able to let us know when something in a photo may have been fiddled with. This forensic tool is perfect for those who wish to investigate their suspect images.


Image Authenticity from Izitru

It is one of the best ways to authenticate an original image among the forger images. It is widely used in photo contests to judge the images in final stages accompanied by the original Raw File obtained from Izitru site. It is also used by the Insurance companies to verify the photos of the customers and also by the online buyers to verify the authencity of the product shots. This new service has the potential to be a game-changer in the world of photography.

However it is the free online image authenticating tool as it is sure to appeal to anyone with an interest in photography. Try it out!

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