iStonsoft’s JPG to PDF converter – A better conversion!

iStonsoft’s JPG to PDF converter – A better conversionPDF has become a universal document exchange format which offers rich formatting options with great security controls. However, there are times when you need to exchange photos but the only accepted format is PDF (such can be the case in many Enterprise environment). As JPG has become ubiquitous as the common image format, JPG to PDF conversion has become a necessity. iStonsoft’s JPG to PDF converter achieves exactly that with other perks as well.

JPG to PDF converter – An overview

iStonsoft’s converter offering is basically offering you a tool to convert image to PDF format. As the name of the software suggests, the accepted image format is JPG. The software has a very lucid and simple UI with traditional menu bars and a green toolbar with image buttons along a prominent “Start” button at the bottom right section. Since it might be the case that you need to convert several JPG files to a single PDF, such option is the default option. The process is fairly simple and it has drag and drop support as well for input with custom output name and location. The simple UI has neither complicated navigation elements nor deeply nested menus to search for. Batch operations are present to carry out conversion for multiple JPG and multiple output.

How to convert JPG to PDF?

In order to convert the JPG files to PDF, you will need to add the files to the software first. Launch the software and add files via either clicking on “Add files” option or “Add folder’ option which will let you pick multiple JPG from a folder. Once done, you will have a checkbox which gives you an option to either convert the images into separate PDFs or convert multiple JPG to PDF as one single file with multiple pages. Once done, you can set the output folder (which is default set to the input file’s folder) and the output filename. After being done with this, click on the “Start” button at the bottom right corner to start the conversion.

Overall Impression

The principal USP of the software is the fact that it is extremely easy to use and just work without dabbling with arcane settings files. The GUI is extremely simple to use and files can be added via drag and drop or via traditional methods. The process is as simple as adding files and clicking on “start” and setting output folder beforehand if that is what is required. This “just works” philosophy means that you don’t waste time on configuration properties ad everything just works.

iStonesoft’s JPG to PDF converter is one of the best tool for the job. Apart from this converter, they have any other converters to convert from one format to another. The software is a great tool if sharing images makes you feel less convenient or you want to password protects content (which is extremely easy with PDF files).

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