iPod Touch 6G Rumors:

Apple has already released highly anticipated devices that include the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch. However, there was no particular declaration about the release date of the iPod touch 6G, although it has been speculated for an October release, a month after the revealing of the iPhone 6. The tech giant released the fifth generation iPod Touch two years ago with the iPhone 5s which is the device’s predecessor which ranked in mostly positive reviews due to a major overhaul in the iPod Touch line.


The last iPod was designed to appear quite similar to the old iPhone 5s including a 4-inch display, slim shell, Siri and iSight. Users now can choose from a certain range of colors as well. With the recent launching of the iPhone 6 phones, the iPod Touch 6G remains to the surface, that includes the possibility of the upcoming device will be launched together with the next upcoming iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 during the next launching event conducted by Apple. The company has reported that this October, a month after the release of the iPhone 6, speculations have now been centered on an October release date for the iPod Touch 6G. It is certainly a long shot, especially during every quarter when Apple announces its sales numbers for its iOS devices, the iPod lineup sees increasingly lower rate of sales every quarter. It implies that the buyers are purchasing more iPhones. However, there is a vast numbers of buyers who want iPod Touch 6G to be released soon.


The latest device in the iPod Touch lineup is expected to be incorporated with the upcoming iOS 8, which is all set for a release this year. The iPod Touch 6G has then been said to include the all new Touch ID which is Apple’s own tool for fingerprint recognition and attempt for increased convenience and security. Here are the three reasons why iPod Touch 6th-Gen with the iPhone 6:


1. All new design: All new design means all new iPod Touch. The last time a new iPod Touch was announced was during the iPhone 5 events which was held exactly two years ago. The iPhone 5 had received a complete makeover over the iPhone 4s and iPhone 4, Apple is thinking of giving the same treatment to the iPod Touch 6G. It is possible for Apple to give iPod a 4.7 inches screen. Along with a new design the refresh the iPhone-without-the-phone-device.

2. iPods aren’t dead yet: It has been  rumored a lot that iPods have been dead. But that is not true. iPod touch provides you with an iOS experience without the monthly service charges that comes along with an iPhone. Buying an iPod Touch allows you to have an iPhone of sorts and without paying $70 per month for its privilege.

3. It’s simply just time: It’s simply just time for an all new innovative iPod Touch. You can’t have the iPhone 6 with its new design and the larger 4.7 inch screen without a redesigned iPod Touch to stand alongside to.

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