How to Use 3D Tabs in the FireFox Browser?

Have you ever tried to get an 3d browsing experience in your browser. Firefox was one of the first browsers to add tabs to browsers as it is said to be a popular tab management add-on for the Firefox browsers. Firefox lets to experience the world of 3D browsing using a plug-in named Fox Tab. Fox Tab is an add-on that allows you to add both the Firefox and Chrome browser. Fox Tab is one such plugin that adds innovative 3D tabbed browsing to the browsers especially for the Firefox with five stunning eye catching layouts. It offers the user with a pleasing 3D thumbnail view layout. Fox Tab is an excellent tool for both novice and power users.

3D Tabs in the FireFox Browser

To use this add-on, open the Fox Tab website in your Firefox or chrome browser. Make a click to the download option and then select a install option to install the Fox Tab extension. To start the Fox Tab, you need to click on the icon of Fox Tab in the toolbar of your Firefox browser. The other option available is to hit Ctrl + tab keys. To flip in the backward direction, one can use Ctrl+Shift+tab keys. After clicking on the icon, you will be directed to the Fox Tab interactive mode. This mode lets you set the theme and layout of the Fox Tab.

As we all know. That the web is rapidly turning on into an application environment where large numbers of tabs are being opened concurrently, locating a page visually is in times the fastest and best possible option Fox Tab also includes an Interactive Mode which provides further 3D customization options for the tab. Fox Tab Flip Mode and Interactive Mode have plenty of options for adding 3D tabs to both the Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. The add-on transforms the browsers two-dimensional tab previews into innovative 3D alternatives.

These are the ways 3D Tabs in the Firefox Browser. Give a try!

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