How to Speedup Your Android SmartPhones

Most of us using Android smart phones which is found almost everywhere and now it get started to slow down and lag especially when we were performing an important work or a task in our android device. When we start a new app or if we hit a home button, our device will get hang for a while and put us in to the trouble. There are a number of ways to solve that issue. Well, here are some of the tips to speed up our Android phone.

How to Speedup Your Android SmartPhones

Clear Your App Cache

This is the first step that allows us to reduce the size of the cache memory which has been stored in our android devices. Clear the cache on any application by visiting its property page in the setting menu and tap the clear cache button. It is a free app that makes us convenient to delete the cache on our entire app at once. Clearing the cache memory will speed up the device and also offer us more space to perform other program to work even more effectively.

Clear our App Cache

Remove Widgets from your Home screen

The widget whatever present in the screen of the android devices will consume the memory space and also it will consume some part of the android devices. So always keep in mind that the number of widget on the home screen is very less in number. You can simply remove the widget by pressing it long and move it to the deletion area.

Uninstall Unused Apps and Install a Launcher

Uninstalling the unused applications in our android devices will reduce the memory space in our mobile and also allow the mobile’s processor to work even more effectively. Disable the preloaded unused apps through the setting menu.


We can control the activity of our mobile phone by installing a Launcher. Lightning Launcher is highly recommended for the better use.

By performing these actions, we could easily improve the speed of our mobile within few minutes.

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