How to know if you’ve been hacked?

Hacking which has been a major issue nowadays is being done within fraction of seconds via internet or through mobile pretty fast. Let me tell you something on how actually we can come across and prevent ourselves from getting hacked. As nowadays we get most of the apps get downloaded for free! This is where actually we go wrong, most of the experts says that hackers download some popular app and put malicious code into it and later put it on to the android apps play store where most of the apps are for free of cost on downloading it. Every time when you use these kind of app the data’s get shared via mobile to the hacker. Mostly this happens with the iPhones, windows mobile and smart phones.

you have been hacked

How to avoid this? – never click on any of the ads which pop up near your home page screen and before downloading any free app look for the reviews and malware free app, to avoid this kind of hacking via downloading. And very important thing is too read the terms and conditions before downloading the app, because most of us fail to do this on laziness of reading it, which actually has to be done through. Not only through this it can hacked, it can also be done through WI-FI, Bluetooth, mobile charges, sim cards as well. All it needs is to install that malicious system into it, which almost shares all of our info via that system to the hackers.

Whereas when it comes to your PC you can easily make out. Let me tell how it is, if you happen to see some changes are being done on your PC configurations then immediately back up it by using prevention software. If you are not able to access your account using your usual password and you find that your passwords are being changed, else your friends receiving unwanted fake mails on their mail box from your end then it’s sure it’s getting hacked from the other end. In such scenarios immediately disconnect your internet and restart your OS with safe mode then sweep your system using an anti-virus scanner, if it turns up for nothing then back up your files completely and delete all unwanted files which is being installed unknown to you. Remember never click for any anti-virus pop up which blinks when you are online, which actually infects your PC. Is always better to have a strong password for your personal accounts. Make sure your password consists of one capital letter, one or two special characters and an alpha numeric character this is quiet hard to guess and to hack. And try to keep different passwords for each account you have because a single same password for all accounts can be easily hacked away. Any details related to your credit card which are being browsed via a free WI-FI can also be hacked, so always keep having regular check on your statements to avoid this. That’s all I guess which could prevent you from getting hacked.

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