How to Kick-Start Your Career with Social Media

For just-graduated college students, the world of social media can be intimidating. Everyone has a blog. Twitter is filled with news reports of how bleak the job outlook is. There are already vast communities on LinkedIn and it’s nearly impossible to know how to break in. If you’re looking to use social media to give your career the jumpstart it needs, here’s how.



Thanks to the cheapest domain name registration sites out there, starting a blog is a cinch. Maintain a career-focused blog and then market your posts on your other social media accounts. Talk about your process, the things you’re learning and even your failures. Don’t make it too personal, though. If you want a personal blog, create a second one that you’ll only show to your friends and family members.

If you want a way to get quickly involved in the blogging community, consider setting up your blog on Tumblr. You can use your own domain name and there’s already a built-in community that you connect with and follow.


You already know you should open a LinkedIn account. Actually, odds are that you already have one, but maybe you don’t know quite what to do with it.

The first golden rule of LinkedIn is that you should give more than you take. Recommend your connections, publish useful content on the built-in publisher, leave comments on other people’s updates and engage whenever possible. Then, in return, you’ll get some engagement back on the things that you publish and post.

Also, make sure that you choose wisely when it comes to the things you put on LinkedIn. This isn’t the same type of platform as Facebook. You don’t want to write about your weekend experience in Vegas or post a photo or yourself on the beach. Always act as though you’re on a job interview when you’re on LinkedIn.


Speaking of Facebook, how should you handle this social media platform? First, comb through it and remove anything that you don’t want a job recruiter or future manager to see. No, your Facebook account doesn’t have to be as buttoned up as your LinkedIn account, but if you’re serious about getting a job, make sure your posts and pictures are fairly wholesome.

If you want to maintain a Facebook account that’s filled with photos of your college days, be warned that this could seriously limit your job options. However, you can create a second, career-oriented Facebook account and then change the personal information and privacy settings on your personal account so that it’s more difficult for employers to access. Remember, though, nothing is ever really private online.

Remember, as a recent college graduate, you have the digital skills that most companies are looking for. Sure, the world of social media is wide and deep, but there’s no reason why you can’t carve out your own place in it.

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