How This Software Makes Disk Management Look Easy and How it is Pegged Against inbuilt Disk Management

From a simple command prompt system to a full-fledged, multimedia supported one; the operating systems have come a very long way. With increased features have come a whole host of features that require good disk management to optimize the efficiency. And the good thing is – there is some software that make it look very easy and possible.

Why go for a software if Windows have inbuilt disk management

There are many reasons for it. It is like why you need a good firewall in spite of the fact that windows have inbuilt firewall, or why you need chrome if you have internet explorer/safari installed on your computers. It all comes down to functionality. While windows 7 disk management is pretty much limited, EaseUS software gives you an ability to take care of almost everything right from merging partitions to copying it.

Some special features of EaseUS that you would not find in an inbuilt disk management program

1. Merging the Partitions – Say if you have low disk space on your C drive – which is the main drive on most of the computers – then, you can merge another drive, say D drive to it and increase the volume. That way, you would have ample of space to handle C drive effectively and more space to install programs.

2. Moving Partitions – Let’s say, you have your D drive with a huge space and therefore, would have liked if your C drive would have that much amount of space. Well, in such case, you can just move the D partition to the C one, and you are done.

3. Partition recovery – Let’s say while reinstalling an operating system, you messed up, and lost key data, more importantly a partition data, then all you have to do is to put this software to work, and it will retrieve just about everything for you. Go ahead and try something exciting, if it doesn’t go well, the software has got you covered.

4. Partition Scheme – Yet another additional leverage that a conventional disk management program lacks. Even windows 8 don’t come with these features and even if it did, it wouldn’t be as smooth as EaseUS.

5.Deleting all partitions – What if you want to just go ahead and do away with all with a few clicks? This software will score heavily as it lets you do everything on the go. It is a very simple. You wouldn’t need to go through some buggy boot wizards or get down to some geek stuff, EaseUS covers it all for you.

6. Extend NTFS /FAT without Reboot – Have you ever got that low disk space warning from windows? That’s what this feature is all about. Now if you go the normal way, you are required to reboot. The problem is, a lot of times we work on something very important and a reboot is definitely what we would want to avoid. That’s where being able to extend NTFS without a reboot helps. This will surely help you to troubleshoot your problems such as c drive full or similar. So the next time you get such message, you know that you have got the finest disk management software that has got you covered.

This is not everything, there are many other features that it has; which greatly enhances a user’s capability to work on things. With this app, you can do things better, and much more safely, than you had ever imagined. While you work on some of the most technical intensive stuff, you can work without any hesitation as EaseUS will never let you do something that has any adverse effects on your system.

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