How Technology Is Affecting the Legal System

Modern technology has dramatically improved the legal system in western countries such as the United States. Law enforcement officials, lawyers and other individuals involved in seeking true justice take advantage of digital gadgets and other devices. Contemporary trials are conducted quite differently compared to decades ago. These days, evidence is presented with precision that cannot be disproved. It is tough to dispute proof such as video and audio recordings in high quality.

The age of high-definition camcorders and commercial security cameras produce clear recordings. Crimes are often caught on video by surveillance cameras installed in commercial buildings and private properties. By the same concept, alleged crimes can also be disputed by clearly showing what an individual was doing at a specific point and time.

Criminal defense attorneys know the importance of producing a solid alibi in a court of law. Modern GPS technology can benefit this legal move in the U.S. law system. For example, most mobile phones are equipped with GPS receivers that could be used to backtrack the location of users. Lawyers can easily reveal the location of a client during a specific time. It’s easy to prove that an alleged criminal was not physically present at a crime scene. Cellphone records are also used extensively to present a solid defense in a trial. For example, it is possible to prove or disprove any communication between an individual charged with a crime and victims.

DNA evidence also plays an important role in the modern trial process. There is a growing trend of acquitting alleged rapists thanks to contemporary DNA technology. People have been wrongly jailed for decades because of incorrect evidence that couldn’t be properly verified with the appropriate scientific methods. Modern attorneys try to seek justice for imprisoned individuals that have been charged with crimes like rape and assault, activities that usually leave behind physical evidence. Criminal defense lawyers can rely on samples of hair and saliva that have been collected many years ago. Such evidence can be analyzed with advanced forensic procedures that can prove or disprove a crime. A lawyer like Joseph Tacopina and other legal professionals are examples of criminal defense attorneys that use the latest technology in court.

Serious cases involving homicide and manslaughter often call for the expertise of forensic workers. Criminal defense lawyers might hire qualified forensic pathologists to determine how victims have died. Such professionals can conclude whether an alleged action could have possibly led to the physical trauma that was discovered on a body. Lawyers that fight criminal charges on behalf of clients can bring in plenty of other experts in order to build a solid defense.

Forensic analysis is also applied to white-collar crimes. For example, there is modern scanning technology that can detect falsified documents with unauthorized signatures. People in the financial world can benefit from the services of criminal defense lawyers that can apply the latest forensic approaches towards securities fraud and other dishonest financial transactions. There are even forensic accountants that may be hired to thoroughly check income and spending documents of companies. White-collar criminals need to hire reliable legal teams that have extensive knowledge of the financial world. Some lawyers might boast experience in working for federal agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission or Internal Revenue Service.

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