How Entrepreneurs are Using the Web to Boost their Brand and Connect with Customers

success-as-an-entrepreneur-600x280In the modern, web dominated world, it is vital for businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with consumers and potential clients on a number of levels. Maintaining a strong online presence will not only allow you to see and be seen, but it will aid in communication, help you to further marketing campaigns, and create a world of convenience at your consumers’ fingertips. Building a website and mobile app will also help you to strengthen your brand, further your reach, and attract a much larger audience; consumers will be able to identify your business quickly and easily, creating familiarity and brand loyalty.

Strong branding is imperative, and you need to think visually; a bold logo, uniform images, and strong colors that are easily identifiable will encourage consumers to return to your brand, recognizing it as a pillar of excellence. Social media is a fantastic way to use the internet to your advantage, allowing you to connect with consumers and clients quickly and easily. This will also help you to improve customer service, enabling people to access you services 24-hours a day, no matter where they are. Updates are key; be sure to maintain your site, and consider elements such as blogs and social media links to keep your content relevant and interesting.

Maintaining an online brand

Maintaining an online brand is not as difficult as you may think, once your initial plans have been set in motion. It is essential to unify your online presence across your website, social media platforms, online store, and mobile app; after all, there would be little use in forging ahead with a range of ideas that share no common ground. Think about what you want your brand to say about you. How can you link this with color, image, and a sense of your mission statement? You need to make your brand say something that your targeted consumers can identify with, and that they will automatically associate with you.

A business’s website should be so much more than a face for your business; it should be a virtual representation of everything you are striving to achieve, as well as a way to communicate with consumers, and conduct transactions. For this reason, your online presence must be accessible; how will a customer use your website, online store, or app? How can you make this experience even more personal? Customizing a customer’s experience with your brand is an incredible way to create brand loyalty. It is important for entrepreneurs to develop an online presence; be everywhere that your consumer expects you to be, and strive to be about the customer, rather than your product. Customer feedback is key at all times, so allow consumers to share ideas and reviews with you.

Success stories

There are a number of large brands and organizations that have built, and maintained, a successful online presence. One such success story is that of Robert Rosenkranz, the entrepreneur behind The Rosenkranz Foundation. The foundation, which aims to “encourage higher levels of achievement and innovation in public policy, higher education, and the arts”, has a strong online presence, including a website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel, all of which evangelize the work the foundation does. Additionally, Robert Rosenkranz’s site, which details his many business ventures and philanthropic missions, informs readers about the foundation’s work too, enabling those who hold the entrepreneur’s profile in high regard to discover what it is that The Rosenkranz Foundation does; this is building an online brand on a wider scale entirely.

Creating and maintaining an online presence is essential in order for businesses to remain relevant, and the focus of their consumers’ attention. Many people take the internet for granted these days and it has become a dominant aspect in our lives; it is essential for businesses to grab every opportunity to grow and connect.

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