How Efficient are Recovering Software for iOS devices?

It is the first free software for iOS data recovery in the world. It is compatible with iOS 8 too. The software recovers data from iOS and uses iTunes backup for extraction of data. The software is completely free. Data recovered includes deleted SMS, contacts, notes, photos, videos, etc. from iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It helps to get back data efficiently,when data is lost accidently or while upgrading iOS or if the device is damaged or lost. The user is well guided to use this software and according to the surveys conducted, the response of the customers regarding usage of the software has been quite positive. This software is also available for Mac and the OS it supports in this regard is Win Mac.

43Using products of Apple is not only cool but also extremely effective. It makes life so much easier due to its efficiency and user-friendly operations. We are heavily dependent on these devices and when the important data stored in these devices go missing, we find ourselves in an extremely difficult situation. EaseUS with this software helps iOS users to cope up with these situations. No user wants to pay to get back lost data. Thus this free software ensuring iPhone recovery serves rather as a boon.

The software is also programmed to recover chat histories in WhatsApp. This is an additional benefit to the customers because almost everyone with a smartphone most definitely uses WhatsApp.

For iOS devices without backup, the software can still recover data. It is equipped to handle situations such as loss of data due to failure of iOS up gradation or deletion of data accidentally, in situations where the device is damaged but can still be recognised if connected with a PC or in case if the user has forgotten the password of an already locked device.


It also recovers from iTunes Backup in cases of virus attack, or when the device is damaged or lost and cannot be connected with a PC successfully. It recovers using this backup also when the device is in recovery mode or in case of upgrade failure or jailbreak failure.

Procedure of the recovering lost files in an iPhone utilizing EaseUS

Let us give you the details of the procedure of recovering lost files in an iPhone using this software:

Scanning of lost data: The iOS device has to be connected to the EaseUS software so that it can scan the device or the iTunes back up that can detect the data, which has been lost.

Previewing content: The software provides you with an option of selecting the files which u want recovered by giving you details of the content of the data that is lost.
Exporting data: The recovered data can be exported or saved in various formats according to the needs of the user.

Going by the promising features of the software and its easy-to-use nature, the software definitely deserves recommendation. The iOS devices are priced possessions of the respective owners and hence any damage to it demands easy and convenient recovery and repair.

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