Have The Coolest PlayStation In Town With A Personalized Design

When you have your friends over for regular game nights, it can get a little bit rowdy. Open drinks and messy junk food sit dangerously close to your console, while greasy fingers dig into your controllers. As you resume your latest campaign, you don’t want to have one eye on the potential mess distracting you from your strategy. If you want to preserve your gaming system as if it were still fresh from the factory even with heavy use, a customized skin for your PlayStation 4 is your only choice. The amazing designs that are available for the ps4 will distract your friends from the fact that you’re protecting your system from them! With the coolest console and controllers in your group, they’ll be thoroughly impressed.


Your skin will act as a protective cover that won’t affect game play. It is made with a slim, light-weight yet durable material that fits the contours of your controllers and console perfectly. Using 3M vinyl, the best ps4 skin providers design decals to fit like a glove. They are cut to the exact specifications of your console, hugging every curve while leaving enough space for vents, buttons, and wire leads.

The 3M vinyl also provides unequaled protection from potential scratches and grime. Once you’ve fitted your controllers with the latest skin, you’ll never have to dig out a toothpick and cloth to remove dirt that has accumulated in the seams; nor will you have to worry about potential spills when a player gets overexcited. The skins are easily and quickly wiped clean, defending the delicate internal mechanics from damaging liquids.

While it provides comprehensive damage protection, your ps4 skin will also give your gaming system a whole new look and feel. Just as the skin is designed with the exact dimensions of your system in mind, you can customize your skin to suit your individual personality. When you purchase from the leading skin provider, your skin can be personalized to a unique combination of colours, textures, and designs. At dbrand, platinum or gold finishes are available for flashy players who want to show off, or natural looking mahogany and zebra wood are an excellent choice for those who want their console to match the bookshelf it sits on. No matter what you choose, dbrand provides a distinctive look for your controller and console.

Once you buy PS4 controller skins online, you can give your entire attention on the game and not how greasy your friends’ fingers are. A PS4 skin will protect your entire device, and the best thing is, when you take your controller to friend’s house, yours will never be mistaken for anyone else’s.

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