Great online and offline PC games for 2016

Despite the hype surrounding the next-gen gaming consoles, it’s clear that for the ultimate gaming experience, it’s still PCs that perform best. And as ever, there’s a great selection of PC games to enjoy in 2016.

So whether you’re into ambitious multiplayer battle arena games, lucrative slots games or even some complex narrative storylines, here are some of the best PC games to enjoy whether you’re hooked up to the internet or not!

Online mayhem

Online mayhem

One of the biggest online PC gaming hits of 2016 looks be the hugely acclaimed Overwatch. This great title from Blizzard Entertainment has already dazzled over 10 million gamers thanks to its incredible multiplayer combat action that has enough characters and battle moves to keep fans happy until its next instalment lands in the hopefully not too distant future.

Not to be outdone is Doom 4 that’s managed to reinvigorate the popular first-person shooter series thanks to some fast-paced and gruesome gaming mechanisms that made the basic concept of blowing up horrendous demons with big guns endlessly enjoyable!

However, there have been some more traditional games that have been given an impressive online upgrade with the IGT gaming slot Hot Rolls Superpays at the Mr Smith Casino site managing to deliver quick payouts and smooth gameplay direct from your web browser.

And your web browser can also deliver no end of MMORPG games with one of the best of recent times being Drakensang Online that’s free to play, but impossible to master!

Offline action

Offline action

But if you’re away from home on your laptop and want to continue your gaming exploits, there are still many ways to stay entertained. For example last year’s massive hit Witcher III can be played in offline mode so that you can enjoy the latest Blood and Wine expansion pack and experience life as a sword-wielding vampire.

Or if you’re keen to explore a complex and detailed gaming narrative, then indie RPG games like To The Moon give you a great way to immerse yourself in a heartfelt story about fulfilling a dying man’s last wish – all without an internet connection.

Another great way to completely lose yourself in another world in offline mode is to get Sims 4 as this grants you some impressive ways to customise your own character and inhabit a weirdly realistic artificial world, complete with a greater emotional weight than previous outings. And although it’s yet to integrate some proper slots gaming features, Sims 4 is definitely one of the best offline PC games out there to enjoy in 2016!

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