Google to Create A Sobering Deforestation Monitoring Tool

Google, who has partnered with more than forty other organizations, is on its way to create a sobering deforestation monitoring tool, Global Forest Watch, which enables visitors worldwide to witness deforestation as it happens in real time. The new global monitoring system has been set to offer near real time information with regards to destruction of forest around the world. Google is well versed in humanitarian work and its latest effort is helping to keep an eye on the world’s trees. On its part, the Global Forest Watch, the search giant is providing tech named: Earth and Maps, which enables anyone to monitor deforestation on a massive scale. The website’s interactive map permits users to see which of the industries are doing the damage, the extent of the tree top cover and much more.

Google offers its help to monitor deforestation in near-real-time (video)

Google enabling People to view interactive Map

Global Forest Watch – GFW, uses satellites, open data and crowdscourcing enabling companies with knowledge on buying commodities and resources and a better idea on what they are unwittingly contributing to deforestation and this system is backed by various businesses besides Google enabling people to view an interactive map which shows where the forests are being destroyed across the world and the speed in which they are being cut down. Users can have the option to be alerted when a forest is lost, enabling networks of organizations as well as individuals to mobilize and take action against deforestation, states GFW. Besides this, they can also use analytical tools in selecting layers indicating boundaries of protected areas together with forest fire alerts from NASA and biodiversity hotspots.

Tools to Alert Encroachments on Lands

The tool is also designed to support those indigenous communities who can upload photos and alerts when an encroachment takes place on their lands with NGO’s who can identify deforestation hotspots, thereby collecting evidence which can hold the concerned authorities, accountable for the same. Many are hoping that GFW will have effective implications across industries, helping financial institutions to evaluate if the companies they have invested in can adequately assess forest related risks. Major commodities buyers namely palm oil, timber, soy and beef can monitor compliance with laws, sustainability commitments and standards, while suppliers can demonstrate credibility that their products are legally produced and deforestation free

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