Facebook Promotes Junk Food Among The Kids

Now parents can blame the social media giant Facebook if they find their kids hooked on to junk food like burgers and pizza to satiate their hunger. A recent study has put forward the theory that the social media websites are significantly contributing towards marketing the junk food among the teenagers.

Researchers Make Stern Claim In Their Study

A team of researchers from the University of Sydney in Australia has made a study of the food marketing over the social media. They had analysed how the food, which is essentially nutritionally poor, is marketed on such social media websites where the kids are targeted with innovative marketing gimmicks.

Study Of Facebook Brings Astonishing Facts


They had looked upon 27 high ranked pages of food and beverages brands on Facebook. It was found that the companies that sold their food with poor nutrients and energy dense mainly attracted the young adults and teenagers on the social media websites.

The lead researcher Becky Freshman has stated that whenever the food companies run any kind of contest or competitions or associated their branded products with any positive events, they end the escalating the engagement of the Facebook users.

Facebook Being Used As A Means By Food Companies

The major food companies have effectively exploited the interactive and social aspects of the Facebook for their own good. Facebook was used a means to market their energy dense and nutrient poor food products effectively. These companies have capitalised on the Facebook user’s social networks and magnified their reach and scope among the most prospective customers.

Another factor, which worked in their favour, was their cleverly planned ‘personal relevance’ in their marketing messages. This one of a kind study on the impact and reach of social media was published in the American Journal of Public Health.

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