Event Planning: Creative Tips to Help Distinguish Your Brand

Hosting a successful event that helps distinguish your brand is more than just placing your company name and logo on a few takeaway gifts. It’s also about creating the right atmosphere for those in attendance. In addition to keeping your audience engaged, you want to find something that will help keep your brand in their mind once they depart. No matter if you’re on a tight budget or the funds are unlimited, the following ideas will allow your brand to shine bright far into the future.670px-Become-an-Event-Planner-Step-14

The Invite

The Internet and social media have broadened the horizons for most businesses today and this is especially true for company’s who are looking to invite their targeted audience to a special event and connect with them. The invite is a way for you to pique your guest’s interest and hopefully get them stoked about the upcoming event. Choose a design and logo that will compliment your brand and gives them a sampling of what may come. If your list is small, you can give your invitations a personal touch by creating them on your own. If you’re in need of assistance, a professional can help you design something special that will leave your customers with a lasting impression afterward.


Corporate and small business events in the past were a challenge. In addition to finding it hard to bring in the right audience, capturing the attention of your audience was just as difficult. The event planning industry knows that in order to get people to attend, you have to disguise the event and integrate the right mix of physical and mental interaction. Whether your event is public or private, you may want to advertise it. Matt Chais, from MIC.cc, a video production company agrees, “Come up with a theme that will make your branded event memorable with the public. Signs, flyers, posters, banners and video productions are just a smattering of ideas that can prove fruitful. The theme should be tangential to your company. Ford talks about safety and family. Not about how strong the steel they use in their production lines.“

Social Media

If you’re looking to engage the public with thoughts of your brand, you want to incorporate social media into your event planning. Whether the audience shows up or they don’t, you can do live promotion without having to spend a dime. Tweets, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are invaluable social media tools that can help notify your audience of the event, provide them with up-to-the-minute updates and offer a place to post videos or photos of the special event for those who missed it. In order to make this successful, you want to ensure that your social media presence is similar to your marketing brand.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages are an important factor when you’re putting together your event. Before you engage servers, caterers and bartenders, you want to come up with a plan where your refreshments are sure to complement your business brand, color scheme and theme. You can even match your dessert with that of your brand name or company logo. In addition to being tasty, the refreshments can make a huge splash with your guests when done right.

Speeches and Speakers

The usual highlight of an event is the speeches or speaker. Those asked to speak are typically gifted to talk and can hold the attention of your audience. They may also leave an imprint of the day’s events on those who attended. A professional lecturer is trained and probably comfortable chatting with their audience. If you’re looking to get your brand across and adhere to a tight budget, find a qualified individual from within the company who is willing to speak. However, you want to ensure that they mesh seamlessly with your company brand.

Take-Away Items

Once your event is over, and you’re guests are ready to leave, you want to give them a gift that will allow them to remember your company afterward. The promotional products, gift bags and other takeaway items will cement the day’s events into their head. For example, if your event is a launch party for a skincare line, you can impart samples of your moisturizer, scrubs or cosmetics that they can use once they’re at home.

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