Essay on Gadgets Have Enslaved Us

Essays-for-saleMore than 85% of teenagers living in the developed countries do not imagine their life without the Internet and gadgets. Only 9% of high school students do not possess a smartphone or a tablet. More than 67% of young people use Google every time they do not know the answer to the specific question. These dry figures demonstrate quite a sad and dramatic picture. Gadgets have actually enslaved us. People no longer read books, communicate and entertain in the way they used to do two decades ago. Due to the rapid development of technologies and the Internet, computers and all sorts of gadgets have become practical, accessible and affordable. You do not require much money to purchase a gadget. You can easily find a high-quality and splendid smartphone or tablet that costs no more than $300. Thus, nearly everyone possesses a computer, smartphone or tablet, which contains thousands of majestic functions. It helps us study, work, communicate and entertain rewardingly. As might be expected, people get used to practical and convenient things. Therefore, there is a problem of this new millennium. People cannot live without technologies. They substitute face-to-face communication with instant messages and texting. They do not travel admiring the picturesque surrounding environment. They look at the world through the camera of their smartphone.

Have gadgets enslaved us? This question is very disputable inasmuch as there are supporters and opponents of this statement. Let us pay attention to the arguments of the people who believe that we have become dependent on gadgets. To begin with, a gadget has become a priority purchase nowadays. When people need to choose what to buy – a new laptop or smartphone, they choose a smartphone. Others prefer spending money on gadgets than on travelling, bicycles, automobiles, etc. There are people who are ready to starve in order to afford the latest model of the peculiar gadget. Many people treat gadgets as expensive and stylish accessories. Thus, they buy new models of smartphones in order to be trendy.

The impact of gadgets on communication and education is alarming. If you look at the way teenagers spend their pastime, you will be shocked. There is hardly a child who enjoys riding a bike or skateboard, playing basketball or baseball, whereas he ‘spends time’ with his gadget. There are no gangs of children in the street playing something. They stay at home, sit on the bench playing video games or chat with one another with the help of messages. People no longer meet to communicate and spend time with pleasure. You can easily notice a common situation everywhere. A few people sit at the table in a café and they do not talk but plunge into their smartphones. This problem is common for both friends and couples. People are no longer interested in each other. When we speak about education, we should say that gadgets interfere in this process destructively. Students do not pay attention to their teachers and lecturers whereas they are busy with chatting or playing. To my mind, gadgets should be prohibited at school forasmuch they reduce the quality of education. Young people are too vulnerable to the power of technological progress and its advantages. They do not learn new information and facts. They look for the required answers in the Internet.

Although gadgets play a paramount role in our life, we do not depend on them. Gadgets help us organize our time wiser. Furthermore, they make our life easier. We are able to communicate with our friends and family whenever we want. We have constant access towards numerous apps that can be useful at work and school. We are able to control our banking accounts from any spot. Finally, we can purchase everything we want at various online stores. Undoubtedly, gadgets improve the quality of our entertainment. We can play video games and take high quality photos when we travel somewhere. We can make splendid videos recording the unforgettable moments of our life.

Modern technologies and gadgets make our life easier and more colorful. They let us study, work, travel, communicate and entertain advantageously. Nonetheless, we should be very careful if we want to stay emotionally healthy and independent. Gadgets are so useful and practical that they substitute friends, books and active communication with the surrounding world. Many people do not know how to exist without gadgets and the Internet. This factor causes harm to our physical and psychological health. For instance, young people are physically inactive what leads to obesity, poor eyesight and lack of self-confidence.

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