Entrepreneurs: You Need These 5 Online Skills

pensive-business-man-in-coffee-shop-workingAn amazing idea and a lot of drive are two necessities for successful entrepreneurs, but without the right technical skills you can’t compete. The internet has changed the way people look for the products and services that they need and heightened competition in the process. So how can your business rise above the rest and capture the attention and revenue of consumers?

It takes some savvy and strategizing but can be learned by any entrepreneur. Take a look at five skills necessary for entrepreneurial success in the online space.

Content Creation

In order to be successful in online spaces, entrepreneurs must know how to write – and effectively. Ideally the best content is always informational for readers but has a strong call of action connected to your business. A side bonus to developing this skill is that consistent content creation will boost your other written communication too, from emails to articles to job proposals.

Social Media

Having social media accounts isn’t enough. Entrepreneurs must figure out how to engage their followers and fans and ultimately get them to buy. The best way to accomplish this is through consistent content (you should really post a few times per day per account) and experimentation. If your audience seems to click most on your expert articles, keep them coming. If your fans like photos of you or behind-the-scenes happenings at your business, post those. Figure out what items are seeing the highest engagement, and when, and tweak your social media strategy.

Content Marketing

If you aren’t trying to get your business name on sites that you don’t own, you’re doing this entrepreneur thing wrong. You need a presence on third-party sites, whether they are mentioning you in a review or featuring you as a guest writer. Pitch yourself and your business to other outlets. A bonus of strong content marketing: your SEO will improve as more places link back to your business site, pages, or apps.

Search Engine Optimization

Ever wonder why a particular retailer pops up first in your Google results, or specific online games populate first in an app store populate first in an app store? Inbound marketing brings people to your site, app or social media pages by simple arranging words in a way that makes sense for consumers. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a branch of inbound marketing that keywords your online presence so your products or services are easily found by people in search engines. There are a lot of online SEO tutorials but if those make your head spin, it’s probably worth paying a SEO specialty firm to help you out.

Email Marketing

While email isn’t exactly forward-thinking technology, the rise of smartphones has made the communication form more relevant than ever. People are looking at their email more than ever before so you need a presence there. Start a newsletter. Reach out with promotions. Offer safety/how-to/trivia tips to your signups. Incentivize your customers to opt-in to emails with special discounts and exclusive offers.

Entrepreneurs can beat out competitors with some smart online strategies. Knowing how to master these skills yourself will save you the money of hiring specialists and also keep you in control of your online presence.

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